Do you remember that really bloody irritating song “Lonely” from Akon that sounds like The Chipmunks had sung a duet with him?

Well it seems to have become my theme tune since I moved to Malta.

Yes, it’s a lovely place, the people are friendly and speak English perfectly which makes some things easier than in Spain and it’s a tiny island with the best bus service I’ve ever known so there’s no need for a car which means no being stuck up a mountain like I was in Spain. We have a nice apartment in what we’re told is  a sought after area within walking distance of two towns full of every shop, restaurant etc you could ever possibly want or need, the sea on our doorstep and of course the sun has been shining non stop since we’ve been here. So what the hell have I got to complain about?

I just feel empty, so bored and so lonely from lack of contact from anyone who isn’t my daughter or my partner that I don’t know what to do with myself. I miss my friends in Spain, even just getting a lift to the school bus in the mornings or a trip to the supermarket with one of them, those mundane tasks were my lifeline in Spain and now I don’t even have that. I need to get out and go to work, to be me again and just be around other people, but with the daughter still not at school (red tape) it’s impossible at the moment and of course by mid June she will be off school for 3 months so I can’t look for work until after the holidays. In the meantime the poor people in the local cafe have to put up with me chatting to them to ease my boredom!

I will be fine, it will just take time I guess.


10 responses to “Lonely

  1. It is difficult, I still feel very isolated here and I’ve been here for 6 years now. I think you just learn to adjust. I guess in Malta there isn’t many ex-pats to get to know either? xx

    • There seem to be expats from all over the world, but none seem to have children so although there are expat evening meet ups they’re all at clubs and of course I can’t go because of madam. I think I was lucky in Spain in that we were on a small urb that was popular with families and I made some good friends there, whereas here you don’t really see your neighbours. I’m trying not to let it get to me, but I’ve spent the best part of the last few weeks in tears and wishing I was back in Spain!

  2. Oh. Feeling isolated and lonely is a very difficult thing. When I was growing up there were no kids my age around for after school / holiday meet ups (that’s what you get from growing up in the sticks) so I am used to being on my own. I do find it hard sometimes here too as I can say that I don’t have any real friends. I hope you find friends soon and if you need anything you can always get in contact with another lonely expat in not so sunny Ireland 😉

  3. Aw bless. I have been to Malta and it is a lovely place with so much happening. I ate swordfish for the first time there and it was very nice.

    I do know how you feel. I live away from my family and friends and don’t really have any friends with children so having a kid has somewhat isolated me plus we had to move out of the city to afford a roof over our head.

    Hope you can find a club or a workshop that you can go to. Maybe pick up a hobby?

    • Lol, it’s funny but I’ve moved to an island and I can’t stand fish!

      The only hobby I have at the moment is blogging, I need to get my bum in gear and do some exercise but it’s all indoors. Once I finally manage to get through all the red tape and get my daughter into school I’ll be able to go out, get a membership at the local pool etc, but in a way I don’t want her to go to school because then I’ll be even more lonely which is ridiculous as she needs to go to school. I’m sure I’ll be ok, will just take time to get used to it I guess. x

  4. It’s so easy to look at your life and think, oh how wonderful that must be but then when you think about it, its not always rosy. Like you say, you’re away from friends and family which is something I know I couldn’t cope without. I always love the idea of living abroad but in reality I don’t think I would be cut out for it. I hope that you manage to find something ‘for you’ soon and life becomes less lonely. In the meantime, feel free to moan at me over Twitter, happy to talk xx

  5. Oh sweetie I am so sorry. Promise to visit your blog more often to keep you company xx

  6. Aaaw bless you. I know I always say how jealous I am of where you are but I guess it must be so difficult to meet new people there at the moment. I hope things improve soon x x x

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