My empty fridge

I’ve been tagged by Kate over at The Five F’s blog who is one of my BMB comment ring buddies, to share the contents of my fridge with you. Now my fridge is practically empty at the moment, firstly I’ve been ill for the last few days and couldn’t face dragging myself down the hill to the supermarket and back up the hill laden with a load of bags and secondly I do have all my fresh meat in the freezer – I buy it in bulk and get it delivered so I don’t have to drag that up the hill too! Well enough rambling, this is my rather pathetically empty fridge:

So my empty fridge contains:

A half empty jar of Korma sauce (little one loves a Korma)

Skimmed milk

Red pesto

Creme Fraiche



Garlic Butter

Cheese Slices



Sliced Turkey


Spread cheese


Cheese strings

Whole milk


Kinnie (some weird Maltese drink I can’t quite decide I like or not)

Tomato sauce

Honey BBQ sauce

Salad cream

Caesar salad dressing



A green chilli

Tropical fruit juice

Calpol & Benylin

Well that’s my fridge, feel free to join in if you haven’t been tagged yet. I know that most people seem to have done this one now so I won’t tag anyone, just have a go if you fancy joining in.


2 responses to “My empty fridge

  1. LOL I just tagged you in this too, I was just coming to let you know –

    I called you Mum in Malta as I saw you were using that name over here now x x

    • I only use the mum in malta thing as I can’t seem to have one name for each wordpress blog I’ve got and I was trying to set up one on Malta for families, haven’t got very far with it yet though! x

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