12 weeks

I made it to twelve weeks, I would like to say unscathed, but the morning sickness but paid to that. I may have jinxed myself in that the last few days have seen me hugging the toilet again throughout the day, despite saying last time I posted that the sickness had seemed to have disappeared – typical!

Other than that I have been feeling decidedly not pregnant. Without the sickness there is very little to suggest that I am pregnant. I have a bump, but with an even bigger muffin top, which makes rather an attractive sight! I’m hoping they will join in the middle soon before I look like I’m harbouring twins, one in my stomach and one in my muffin top!

The little one is still staying with my mum and is extending her stay for another few weeks, so I’m without my little shadow for longer than I’d hoped. She’s having a wonderful time though and enjoying every moment of being spoilt rotten. Needless to say I’m missing her like crazy and can’t wait to get her back. It’s kind of ruined the big announcement though, it will have to be done via Skype now rather than in person, but I’m sure she will be just as pleased regardless of how I tell her.

I have a feeling I will need maternity clothes pretty sharpish, my trousers are becoming slightly tight already and dresses and tops are clearly stretching over my stomach. I know it wasn’t exactly a washboard stomach to begin with, but trying on clothes to wear to go out the other night, it became rather clear that my bump would soon outgrow my existing wardrobe! Luckily it seems that these days, unlike when I was pregnant 10 years ago, there is a wider choice in maternity clothing, although they are no less expensive of course! Unfortunately it seems that many ranges don’t cater for the larger lady – us fatties get pregnant too you know! Yes I know in an “ideal” world that people with a BMI over 25 wouldn’t get pregnant, but we do, so come on clothing companies, pull your fingers out and make maternity clothes in larger sizes that are just as gorgeous as the ones you make for skinnies!

On the subject of weight, I am hoping to lose some while pregnant, or at least not put on a lot, wishful thinking perhaps!?! I am overweight and it does put me at risk of complications during pregnancy and labour, not that my doctor is at all interested in my weight, infact he has neither weighed me or mentioned that I am clearly not a size 12! It appears it’s up to me to work out how to stay as fit and healthy as possible during pregnancy, of course eating healthily and gentle exercise is a must, but am I even allowed to try to lose weight during pregnancy? From what I’ve read a woman should eat 2000 calories a day to maintain her weight, I never eat that much, unless of course a cake manages to jump off the counter in the local cafe and into my mouth, so maybe I should actually be eating more than I am at the moment. Who knows! I still can’t work out what foods I should be avoiding.  I remember no booze, cut down on caffeine, no pate and uncooked meats and no nuts if there’s an allergy that runs in the family, mouldy cheese too, but that’s about it and every website I read pretty much says something different except for those few constants.

One thing I have noticed is how much less chilled out I am during this pregnancy. (You’ve probably noticed) Fingers crossed I will learn to chill out soon! Perhaps it’s because I was busy at work  when I was last pregnant and these days I’m a stay at home mum, but my daughter isn’t here so it’s giving me time to think about things far too much. I’m hoping once she gets back I will become that same relaxed mum to be of 10 years ago again.


2 responses to “12 weeks

  1. congrats on 12 weeks! Try not to worry too much about losing weight right now. Found your blog via mummys little monkey. Following now

  2. mummymummymum

    Congratulations!!!! I am always less chilled out when I have time to think too. I’m glad the sickness has been a bit better, and hope it disappears completely soon. Found you from MLM. x

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