13 weeks

Well 13 weeks and 5 days to be precise! I’m still being plagued by nausea which sometimes has me running to the loo to be sick. I’m not sure what’s worse feeling sick or actually being sick, I just wish that both would disappear and let me begin to feel normal again!

I’m tired all the time, more so than the first few weeks. If you read any pregnancy magazine or book, they’ll tell you that by 12 weeks your early pregnancy symptoms will start clearing up, no more sickness or tiredness, they even mention the word “glowing” – the only reason I glow is from sweating after running back and forth to the loo every five minutes!

On the plus side I feel “bump” wriggling about all over the place all the time. At first it was a “butterflies in my stomach” kind of feeling around 10 or 11 weeks, but now it’s far more defined movements which seem to go on for ages. You can guarantee the minute I try to have a nap or sleep at night I feel those tell tale wriggles in my stomach. If I have a hot or particularly cold drink off we go again, or I can just be lounging on the sofa and “bump” decides to wriggle around again. Bump even has a wriggle when my netbook is perched on my stomach! I love it!

Another good thing this week is the arrival of my AngelSounds Fetal Detector/Doppler. I saw they were going unbelievably cheaply on Amazon recently so ordered myself one. It arrived yesterday and I’ve had loads of fun trying to hear bumps heartbeat, which I managed to find on my second attempt and what a wonderful invention it is! I think I’ll carry on using it for a while and post a review on it. I was always a little sceptical of these home doppler things, so maybe my mind can be changed!

At the end of next week I see my obstetrician again, which hopefully means I’ll get so see bump on screen again and get some pictures, I’m desperate to be able to start showing off my little bump (not my actual bump, that is actually rather large and I look more 5 months pregnant than 3 and a bit!) once I tell my daughter!


5 responses to “13 weeks

  1. I spent the first 13 weeks feeling sick and nauseous without actually being sick once, and I used to pray to be sick and get some relief!! Hopefully it’ll all pass soon enough, and you’ll be your normal self in no time! Take care xxx

    • I think feeling sick is so much worse than being sick, like you say it comes as a relief sometimes! Hope it’s not too hot over here for you at the moment, I can’t imagine being as far gone as you are having to deal with all that sunshine in the coming weeks and enjoy being looked after by your family, I bet they love having you here! x

  2. Well till now, apart from the terrible sticky weather we had till Monday, I can’t complain! It’s still not that hot, especially in the evenings. And it’s lovely being pampered by everyone :))

  3. Aaaw that was the best part of my pregnancy I think – not the feeling of the bump moving but hearing the heartbeat. I would’ve loved one of those things x

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