What’s new in the weird and wonderful world of babies

Last time I was pregnant was 10 years ago. When I had my now 9 year old daughter, the travel system had only just been introduced and the one I had looks like a tank compared to the pushchairs and prams I see being wheeled about today, they look positively space age! So what else has changed and what new fangled baby related products am I discovering online and in magazines?

Like I said these new prams and pushchairs look space aged for a start and have the weirdest names! 10 years ago you had a make and model number, these days you have Donkeys, Bees and Cameleons for example, (all Bugaboo models, don’t get me started on Bugaboo either, which is another name I hadn’t heard of 10 years ago, but they seem to be “all the rage”) last time I checked these were animals not prams and pushchairs!

Then of course you now have designers lending their talents to pram design, Misoni are working with Bugaboo, Lulu Guiness worked with Maclaren and many more designers have followed suit, creating prams and pushchairs that look like works of art. Once you find your ideal pram you then need to sell a kidney to pay for it. Quite how I’m going to manage to afford prams that appear to cost the same, if not more than a months rent on a 3 bed house, I’ll never know, maybe I’ll just carry the baby everywhere – at least my arm muscles will be amazing and the bingo wings will disappear pretty sharpish!

Next up is a brilliant invention that I found out about through a fellow blogger and BDT writer, Helen at The Petit Mom. The Yoomi bottle, which is a bottle and bottle warmer in one. These days it’s hard to get milk warmed in public places, what with a billion different health and safety laws imposed by some bored bloke in a government office somewhere who let’s face it doesn’t have a clue what he’s on about! In comes the Yoomi bottle which allows you to heat your baby’s milk to the natural temperature of breast milk in 60 seconds.  I can see these being a huge hit with both breastfeeding mothers who feel uncomfortable feeding in public and bottle feeding mums who need to heat their baby’s formula up.

I have a few more of these that I’ll post about in future, I find it fascinating just how much things have changed since I had my daughter and feel rather old and out of touch with all things baby. Please feel free to tell me about more new baby products to take a peek at and of course laugh at my naivety!


8 responses to “What’s new in the weird and wonderful world of babies

  1. I meant to say before, CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I agree with the prams… I had a tank 5 years ago with Giraffe and then Tilly’s M&P Skate was weird (and possibly the most awful pram in the world).

    Hope you find one that you’re happy with and doesn’t cost the earth. xx

    • Thanks! Think I may wait until the sales and find a “home brand” Mothercare or Babies R Us one, I feel I’m not destined for these flash prams and pushchairs! x

  2. After test-driving lots of prams from nearly everywhere, we finally settled on the Bee, mainly because it’s the least bulky and lightest of the lot! Good luck with the choice 🙂

    • I quite like the look of it too, but my bank account has taken such a bashing with 2 international moves within a year and me not working anymore that I doubt I’ll be able to stretch to one, unless it’s second hand of course! I keep seeing almost new ones in ebay etc and they barely look used!

  3. Ha ha rather you than me 😉

  4. First, Congrats to you! The last time I had a babe was just about 10 years ago and I have to agree the names and the equipment has changed! Imagine the shopping you will get to do!

  5. You’ve got great insights about Prams Toys Milk, keep up the good work!

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