16 weeks

16 weeks and 4 days to be precise. I look like a beached whale already – thanks to this little monkey!

A terrible picture I know, when it was on screen it was perfect, although it seems bump must have moved just as the obstetrician took the picture! This picture was taken at exactly 15 weeks and everything is going great, the baby is exactly the right size for dates and he or she lived up to his/her wriggly nature throughout the scan, waving, stretching and doing back flips.

Having had my second scan put my mind at rest enough to tell my daughter and to say she was over the moon to be a big sister is an understatement – she’s been practically bouncing off the walls ever since. She’s been busy organising some baby clothes I saved from when she was a baby with my mum and spending her pocket money on buying me pregnancy magazines.  Of course once I told her, we were able to share the news with friends and family and the reactions ranged from “it’s about bloody time” to squeals of delight!

I’ve been feeling an awful lot better this week, my tiredness seems to have passed and the only nausea I seem to get is when I haven’t eaten as regularly as bump might perhaps like! My bump is also getting steadily larger – it seems by the day and I’ll be needing maternity clothes pretty sharpish I think!


4 responses to “16 weeks

  1. yay, how lovely. My scan pictures have been rubbish this time around as well!

    Can’t believe you’re not in maternity clothes already – lucky you.

    • Lol only reason I’m not in maternity clothes yet is because I dug out all my fat clothes that were a few sizes too big for me! Some of them I will need to grow into, but the rest aren’t too bad. Saying that I’ve put a top on this morning which was baggy and I can see it being stretched out of shape before the end of the day, I look like the purple teletubby actually! Plus leggings are my life line as they just carry on stretching with me! (bit bloody hot to wear out here though!)

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw – it’s a baby ;-D

    Glad everyone knows now so you can share baby excitement with everyone x x

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