Elective C-Sections – would you?

The debate seems to be raging on twitter about whether a woman should be able to choose to have a C-Section rather than give birth to her child vaginally.

I’ve seen tweets defending a woman’s right to choose how they give birth and those that clearly don’t, going so far as to say if you don’t want to give birth vaginally, then maybe don’t get pregnant in the first place.

This debate has been going on for some years, not helped by many a pop star or actress who elects to have a caesarean being deemed “too posh to push” by the media.

Personally I can’t imagine not wanting to give birth to a baby the way nature intended so to speak. Yes it’s scary, it is incredibly painful, can seem like it’s taking forever and things can go wrong, but to me that is when a caesarean comes into play – in an emergency.

A caesarean birth scares me far more than a natural birth ever would. This is probably because to me it’s an emergency operation and therefore artificial way of bringing a child into the world. It eliminates your ability to have any control over the situation, your life and that of your child is completely at the mercy of the doctors who just so happen to be cutting a rather large hole in your stomach and rummaging around in there before pulling out your baby. It is something I would be absolutely terrified of should it happen to me, the thought of being in such a clinical environment, not having a sufficient anaesthetic, not to mention the recovery period fills me with fear, yet to some people it seems the easier option. I just don’t understand that!

Of course I’m not talking about those who require a caesarean for medical reasons, that is what it’s there for after all. I do however wonder why women choose to avoid giving birth naturally.

I should point out I don’t believe that there is a right or a wrong way to give birth, each to their own as they say. I’m just curious to understand other women’s points of view on the matter.


5 responses to “Elective C-Sections – would you?

  1. I have been on both ends of the spectrum, giving birth naturally and drug free to Marie and having a section on Noelie (for medical reasons though) and I would give birth naturally and drug free anyday. I hated every minute of the section and recovery.
    That being said, I would love to know exactly when this baby is going to come into the world and I think to some people (those with busy schedules and popular names) it is one of the points towards getting a section. That and the fact that they also probably get a free tummy tuck thrown in at the end of the section…

    • Ooh how I would love a tummy tuck thrown in aswell, saying that I’d need liposuction and a full body lift at the same time so I doubt I’d persuade them to do that to me! (how I’d love to be slim!) You can’t have much longer to go now!

  2. Oh heck, I’m with you on this one! I dread the possibility of needing a c-sec in an emergency, and cannot understand why anyone would *choose* this option. It’s major abdominal surgery VS something as nature intended.

  3. I am really with you… With both of mine the thought of a section scared me so much.. I told Mr Sun that he was in no way to give the all clear for a section unless mine or my baby’s life was in danger.
    I know people who have had sections for medical reasons and others who have been ‘too posh to push’.
    I was up and walking around within an hour of both of my births… I was able to get back to ‘normal’ within days. AND I loved experiencing labour and childbirth.

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