17 weeks

It was my last doctors appointment in Malta today before the move as I wanted to make sure that everything was ok before we went. Queue another scan and a blood test, the results of which were emailed to me before I even walked home which is amazingly fast!

This is what my little bump looks like this week, although the rather svelte looking outline of the skinny pregnant lady bares little resemblance to my love handles and rather large bump which seems to want to take over the world at the moment!

It was great to see how bump had grown in just the last two weeks and it was fantastic when he or she turned to face us and gave us a wave! It was also wonderful for the man to finally be able to accompany me to one of my scans, I was alone throughout my first pregnancy so having him there was really special for me. Of course I have no cute pictures of the baby again, they don’t seem to offer them routinely here, instead I have photos of the baby’s head and when I saw head I don’t mean a cute profile shot, I mean the top of bumps head! I can only assume this is to keep with my notes for the doctor who takes over my care in future!

I’m convinced bump will be either a dancer or a footballer, he or she is unbelievably active and those little wiggles just get stronger every day. I can’t wait to be able to share those little movements with my partner and of course my daughter, who simply cannot wait to be a big sister, once bump gets a little bigger!


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