My pregnancy must haves, weeks 0 – 17

So far in my pregnancy my must haves have been:

A couple of slices of toast every morning to keep the morning sickness at bay.

A scoop of ice cream to keep me cool, not to mention a tower fan and a loose fitting maxi dress!

The amazing elixir that is Bio Oil. I’m hoping that by rubbing it into my bump daily I will avoid getting any more stretch marks – that and the fact that I wasn’t exactly a waif to start with, so I should technically have less of a way to stretch so to speak!

A spare pillow. I don’t have one of those posh pregnancy pillows and although I’m only just over 16 weeks, I find sleeping at night is made more comfortable by sleeping with my legs wrapped around a pillow to support my growing bump.

And last but not least, my Angelcare doppler, which has been a great way to check in on how bump’s doing over the last few weeks. I make a point of having a short listen at least once a week (no it hasn’t made me neurotic) and love nothing more than hearing the sound of my baby’s heart beat.


2 responses to “My pregnancy must haves, weeks 0 – 17

  1. When I was pregnant with Chick I lived on Tuna sandwiches and Feasts!!! Hope you are feeling well xx

  2. I felt every week and month of my pregnancy. It was a good pregnancy but it was the lack of control over my body that started to get to me. I love you line up of things to make you comfy. I never thought of that, only wanted to lie in bed and rest :0) Thanks for sharing.

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