Back to normality

Well as normal as life can be when surrounded by removal boxes, yet to be unpacked and adjusting to yet another new home.

I very nearly didn’t get here, the night before leaving Malta I discovered my passport had gone walkabout, queue a rather impressive hormone fueled outburst about being forced to stay behind alone. Not to mention trips to the police station and British Embassy. But 200 euros lighter, thanks to the cost of passport photos, numerous cab journeys to and from various public buildings and an emergency passport, I made it unscathed, if a little annoyed with myself for being so stupid to mislay my passport in the first place!

Seeing friends again has been wonderful! I almost forgot what it was like to see people who weren’t my partner or daughter when we were in Malta. And I’ve been (or should that be the bump has been) fussed over ever since we arrived, which ordinarily I’d hate, but having been so lonely for the last few months I’m really rather enjoying!

The highlight of course is getting my beautiful daughter back, she had been staying with my mum for almost two months, being spoilt rotten and catching up with friends and family and I can’t even begin to describe how much I missed her. She seems to have grown about a foot since I last saw her and has become even more beautiful and quite simply adorable with every day that’s gone by.


2 responses to “Back to normality

  1. Hope you get those boxes unpacked, or at least out of site soon so you feel really at home. Must be so great to see your friends again, I know how being lonely feels!

  2. Glad you’re back home and very jealous. We’re just back from a week’s visit and I am now in sulk mode.

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