23 weeks

That’s me this week apparently – not that I’m as slender of course!

Seems to be a pretty accurate picture of how my not so little baby is lying too as I can feel him or her kicking me quite low down in my stomach the majority of the time. That is of course before he/she does a somersault making my stomach feel like it’s being turned inside out!

There is no mistaking the fact there’s a baby in there these days, the bump has well and truly landed! Mind you considering he or she is now 29cm long from head to toe it’s no wonder I have a bump! Luckily my worries about putting on weight during pregnancy have been unfounded, so far anyway and I haven’t suffered any symptoms or side effects of being overweight and pregnant. Infact since becoming pregnant I’ve lost weight! Not quite as much as in my first pregnancy, but it is still quite noticeable – everything but the bump is shrinking! I guess it helps that I can’t get out to the shops very easily, what with living so far out and without a car there’s no chance of me sneaking the odd chocolate bar, cake or huge ice cream!

My “cravings” are for anything milk based and surprisingly for someone who really isn’t into fruit and veg (yep naughty girl!) lettuce – I can’t get enough of the stuff! And the offer of a jacket potato, not necessarily even filled with anything, just a tiny blob of butter, will have me biting your hand off!

I’ve got the pregnant lady waddle down to a tee and my isn’t it attractive! Can’t wait to see how much more of a weeble I’ll become as the weeks go by!

People have a thing about my bump, I have complete strangers coming up to me just to rub my bump in public, not just a quick rub but a full on few minutes on some occasions which to be frank is rather weird! It’s not like I see a rather rotund chap and go rub his stomach is it! What do they think is going to happen, I’m not a Buddha, I won’t bring them luck if they rub my stomach! Others tell me how huge it is, which although I complain about it’s ginormous size isn’t actually that big, can’t wait to see what their reaction will be when I’m about to pop! Apparently I look like I’m 9 months already, I don’t quite know how that can ever be a compliment, surely it’s on par with telling someone they’re fat!?! Unfortunately the one person I would quite like to have a thing about my bump is the one person who isn’t keen on it! My partner is easily freaked out by my growing belly it seems and heaven forbid he actually feels a bit of baby through my stomach! I’ve been told many a man goes through a similar reaction, I’m just hoping it stops soon before my hormones get the better of me and it really starts to annoy me (just like everything else he does at the moment!).

My pregnancy fan is my daughter, she loves everything about me being pregnant and is an absolute godsend, hoisting me off my unsuitably low sofa and helping out around the house. The bump gets a kiss every morning and night, she dutifully listens to the baby’s heartbeat on my doppler on a regular basis and she giggles when the baby kicks her when we’re having a cuddle. Of course she decided the baby needed it’s first toy on a recent shopping trip and invested in a suitably cute toy lamb for him/her. She even said she felt proud to have bought the baby’s first toy!


2 responses to “23 weeks

  1. Awww sounds fab lovely! Hope the man comes around soon before you have to resort to slapping him 😉 xx

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