Fairy Dust

You guessed it, I’ve been visited by the one and only fairy hobmother from Appliances Online.

Infact he visited a little while ago but what with the move and being offline for over a month the poor thing has been waiting for me to get my act in gear! I know there’s a lot of speculation about what he looks like, but when I imagine the fairy hobmother, I imagine him looking like this:

Although knowing my luck, he probably looks a lot more like this!:

Whatever he looks like, he very kindly offered me the chance to choose a cookery book I was lusting after on Amazon and when I told him to surprise me, I was lucky enough to be sent the mouthwatering Cake Days by the Hummingbird Bakery. Packed full of delicious cake recipes, it’s a book that I will be using again and again – plus my daughter has already bookmarked all the pages of the cakes she wants to make with me!

Of course the Fairy Hobmother may well be watching, so if you leave a comment on this post he may well be in touch with the offer of sending something to you!

Disclosure: Please note this is a sponsored post for which I was provided with a book by Appliances Online. For more information on my disclosure policy please click on the Disclosure tab above. 


One response to “Fairy Dust

  1. Mmmm cakes, makes my mouth water just thinking about them (as does the thought of the Fairy hobmother looking like the first picture)

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