24 weeks

Well we’ve made it to 24 weeks and the little wriggler now weighs just over 600g and is as long as a ruler, although if he or she has inherited his/her fathers long legs we’re probably looking at a baby who is an awful lot longer!

Apparently I should be starting to get stretch marks if I haven’t already, but lets face it I was already “stretched” thanks to being a more curvy lady so I’m hoping I won’t get any more than I have remaining from my first pregnancy. Something I’m actually quite happy to see is my linea negra, the line that shows the separation of your stomach muscles. Who would’ve thought it, I actually have stomach muscles!

I’m getting noticeably bigger, by the day it seems sometimes, but luckily I still seem to be keeping the weight off elsewhere and only my bump is growing, doesn’t stop me needing to be hoisted off my ridiculously low sofa by my poor daughter though! The little wriggler is becoming more and more active and enjoys nothing more than kicking me if I lay on my left hand side, kicking me if I lay on my right and doing something that feels like using my bladder like one of those vats that are used to crush grapes with your feet! Needless to say the sleepless nights are returning, either due to being kicked awake or my bladder being played with so I’m making the most of those lazy mornings of the school holidays and I’m dreading the early starts once my daughter goes back to school in a few weeks, not to mention the long walk to and from the school bus! I’ve also found that if I eat or drink anything remotely fruity in the evenings my heartburn will return to haunt me all night and no amount of Gaviscon will relieve it.

3 responses to “24 weeks

  1. No linea negra or stretch marks here, but lots of red skin tags which I’m blaming on the heat. Sadly I have put on weight elsewhere so you can’t have it all it seems.

  2. Hey learnt something new from you today. I didn’t know that’s what the nigra linea was for! If you haven’t already, start creaming/oiling your bump, this will reduce stretch marks as the skin will be supple and moisturized.

  3. How I hated the heartbun, so exciting to be PG again though.

    Mich x

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