The great bottle debate

Don’t panic, this isn’t another breast vs bottle post! It’s one I thought would be an awful lot simpler than it has infact turned out.

I recently asked some online friends what bottle I should use for the little wriggler when he or she arrives. Avent or Tommee Tippee. I wasn’t prepared for the sheer volume of answers that came my way, not to mention the amount of other bottles there are on the market these days.

When I had my daughter 10 years ago it was pretty much Avent or Tommee Tippee, unless you went for a supermarket own brand bottle. I was bought an Avent starter kit and steriliser so the choice was pretty much made for me. Since then friends have had babies and always seemed to lean towards Tommee Tippee, so I wondered if there was a reason, perhaps they were the new in thing in bottles, or maybe they had benefits my tried and tested Avent bottles didn’t. Hence asking the question Avent or Tommee Tippee.

Now I only knew of one other bottle make, Dr Brown’s, which family members had used with a colicky baby, but little prepared me for the list of other brands that are now available on the market, each with their own lists of benefits. I’m informed one brand is even self sterilising – you pop some water in it and stick it in the microwave! It seems gone are the days of waiting for a steam steriliser to do it’s work, bottles practically clean themselves!

So what has this conversation left me with? A sense of being completely out of touch with all things baby not to mention being confused about which brand of bottle will suit me and the little wriggler! I am planning on breastfeeding, for a few weeks at least. However due to my previous experience with breastfeeding I am completely aware that it may not work and I want a back up plan, not to mention an alternative feeding option other than me! After all I was a single mum when my daughter was born and did everything on my own, this time around I am looking forward to my partner and my daughter joining in and helping at feeding time.

So I’ll throw the question open to you! What brand did you/do you use? Are certain bottles better than others?


4 responses to “The great bottle debate

  1. I used avent with Joseph and will probably buy them again this time around as I still have microwave sterliser and quite like the look of their breast milk expresser (it’s not called one of those is it…?), and more importantly you can buy the teets quite easily over here. I did notice the other day that places are now selling NUK and tommy tippee which they didn’t before.

    I’ll buy mine off amazon as baby stuff is stupidly overpriced here.

    • I noticed that Avent stuff on Amazon is actually cheaper than buying it in a UK supermarket plus it qualifies for free delivery to Spain if you spend over £25 so that can’t be bad. Lol it’s a breast pump isn’t it, although I think breast milk expresser is actually a nicer word for it and makes me feel like less of a dairy cow!

  2. As a first time mom I was overwhelmed by the range of bottles out there. I combination fed my baby from day dot. I started with Aventi but as I Tommy Tippee bottles came with the breast pump I chose. Then when he started to be colicky I introduced Dr Brown’s. I know there is a debate about nipple confusion but to be honest my son was not confused about where his food was coming or how to get it. He used three different types of bottles very early on (and one grocery store own brand bottle, that one he certainly didn’t like, lol) AND breast fed with no trouble. I would not recommend it but that’s what we did due to circumstance. Unless the baby is colicky I favour Tommy Tippee as its shaped like a boob and the nipple is soft.

  3. When i used bottles, i used Tommee Tippee Closer to nature. I found them to be reliably good quality, and baby didnt manage to turn the teat inside out while suckling, which is always a plus. They claim to mimic the action of breastfeeding so it is easier to combine feeding methods, which i found to be the case. My boys had no problems going backwards and forwards between breast and bottle so i managed to pump some for family members to help out (because they all want to feed the baby! lol). I found their hand pump very good too, for occasional pumping.-+

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