Bump Watch

Continuing with “bump watch” this week I can definitely see that the little wriggler has had a bit of a growth spurt over the last two weeks, either that or the pork pie I ate the other day has gone straight to my bump rather than my hips!

Believe it or not, despite having my photo taken in 3 different flowery tops I really am not a very girly or flowery person – perhaps this pregnancy has brought that side out in me!


4 responses to “Bump Watch

  1. Great photos, I wish I’d taken more when I was pregnant to show the progess. I only got a few at the end.

  2. I love your bump pictures.
    I only took one during my last pregnancy but this time I have been taking photos fortnightly and it’s lovely to see the transition from my 15 week tiny bump to 35 weeks and being hippo-esque!
    It will be lovely to look back on.

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