25 weeks

25 weeks into my pregnancy and I’m starting to feel really tired again, probably due to lack of sleep  thanks to being kicked awake or my bladder being used as a punch bag, rather than actual tiredness. The heartburn is another contributing factor which managed to keep me awake until 7am the other day! I suppose it’s to be expected but as I felt so terrible with sickness and heartburn during the first few months of pregnancy, I was hoping the feeling ok bit would last a little longer!

The little wriggler is now 35cm from head to toe and boy can you see that extra few centimetres in the bump watch picture I took the other day! He or she is getting stronger by the day and I love watching my bump seemingly dance around as the baby changes position, stretches or just has a bit of a kick. It’s probably the one thing I love about being pregnant and a feeling I never thought I’d feel again so I’m definitely making the most of it. Even my daughter is getting in on the tummy action by rubbing Bio Oil into my bump at every possible opportunity, not to mention talking to her baby brother or sister and of course giving him or her a kiss good night!


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