AngelSounds Fetal Heart Detector

I bought myself an AngelSounds Fetal Heart Detecter (don’t you just love the American way of spelling it!) back when I was about 11 weeks pregnant having found it for the bargain price of £12 on Amazon.

Despite my initial reservations about it having the potential to send me into a blind panic if I couldn’t locate the baby’s heartbeat, I’ve loved having it on hand to check in on how the little wriggler is doing as the weeks have progressed. Plus it put my mind at rest after flying too.

The monitor comes equipt with headphones and everything you need to make recordings of your baby’s heartbeat should you wish to do so. It requires no assembly and you can use it pretty much straight away, with the addition of a small amount of gel which is also provided (if you run out baby oil or even water does the trick equally well).

I couldn’t wait to use it when I received it and set about trying to find the baby’s heartbeat. It took a while, which could have had me panicking had I not already started to feel those tell tale flutters that told me the baby was doing little somersaults in my stomach, but then the instructions do tell you that you may not be able to find the heartbeat until around 14 weeks. Once I found it though, there was no mistaking the steam train/horse galloping sound associated with a baby’s heartbeat. As the weeks went on it became easier and quicker to locate the baby’s heartbeat and now my 9 year old daughter can find it within a minute and absolutely loves listening to her baby brother or sister’s heartbeat every week or so.

I’m definitely glad I bought it, it’s helped reassure me the baby is ok even throughout a stressful move and a plane journey and has enabled my daughter to really bond with her baby brother or sister. Plus at just£12 it was an absolute bargain!

Please note this is not a sponsored post, it is a personal review of an item I bought which may help other expectant mums looking to buy a similar product. 


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