Pregnancy worries

Believe it or not, it’s not me doing the worrying! Since telling my daughter she’s going to have a baby brother or sister she has been absolutely ecstatic, literally on cloud nine! She hasn’t stopped grinning, loves nothing more than listening to the baby’s heartbeat and kisses her baby brother or sister (well my bump) every night before bed.

It’s unbelievably cute that an almost 10 year old is so interested and excited about my pregnancy and I love sharing it with her, so when she suddenly broke down in tears the other day, apparently due to worry about something happening to me or the baby I was quite surprised. I had a straight forward pregnancy with her once I got over losing her twin and there’s no reason to suspect that anything will go wrong with this one. Of course things do go wrong with pregnancies all the time, I just didn’t realise how aware of this she was, she’s only 9 after all!

After talking to her and reassuring her the baby and I are perfectly fine and expect to remain that way throughout my pregnancy and his or her subsequent birth, she calmed down a bit. I can tell that worry is still bubbling away under the surface though and don’t quite know how to address her fears, what can I do or say that will help her?

Luckily today I had a midwife appointment and the midwife was able to answer any questions that my daughter had, she also helped her find the baby’s heartbeat and take my blood pressure, which went down very well as you can imagine! It seems to have allayed her fears to a certain extent and she has asked if she can see the baby on a scan, so it appears we may well be paying for a later scan so she can see her baby brother or sister is ok and of course she wants to find out the sex of the baby too! A rather expensive way to address her fears I know, but I’m hoping it will be worth it. To top it off she also felt the baby kick for the first time today. Up until now he or she had been playing hard to get and going quiet whenever she tried to feel it, but she got a few very big kicks today which had her in tears again – happy tears this time though!

What are your experiences on this one? Is there anything else I can do to put her mind at rest?


7 responses to “Pregnancy worries

  1. I personally don’t have any experience on this as my daughter was only 1 when I was pregnant with my son. However I do believe that you are doing everything you possibly can and suggest you continue to do this till birth. Talk a lot with her and involve her as much as you can. Your doing Fine.

    Lillian xxx

  2. Obviously I have no experience with this but I’d say you are doing fine, after all there is only so much you can do. I think worrying is a part of growing up – there many things to worry about as you get older and eventually you learn (hopefully) to manage your worries.

    • I think her majesty is just a born worrier bless her, she seems far too old for her years to me too, but then she probably isn’t and it’s me wishing she was still a baby. She seems much more settled since our midwife visit though thankfully and is still nagging me about getting a scan so she can find out whether she’s getting a brother or sister and can check the baby’s ok!

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  4. That is really lovely – sounds like she will be a fab big sister. My daughter was only three so not at all aware of any problems. Sounds to me like you’re doing completely the right thing and just keeping her involved in everything. The scan idea sounds good too. Hope that helps put her mind at rest.

    By the way, just following from Blow Your own Bloghorn hop

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