The sound of my summer

When I was younger, we always went on holiday to Spain, whether it was the mainland or the Balearics and this was the song that sums up my summer back when I was a child.

It seems however this is how it’s done in 2011:

I love this song, even though I’ve never been a big J-Lo fan, but since it samples one of my favourite summer songs in the Lambada, I can’t help tapping my feet along to it. Of course it helps that the musical genius that is Pitbull is featured on the record and it seems that whatever he touches turns to gold, much like Timberland a few years ago.

Of course there are plenty of other songs that bring back memories of summers past, not to mention a few more recent ones. What songs remind you of summer?


2 responses to “The sound of my summer

  1. Ah, I heard this recently and loved it but wondered what it was! I loved Lambada too, always made me want to be abroad 🙂

  2. I love the J Lo song aswell, it’s a proper Summer song isn’t it? Bethan loves it and has been singing it all through the holidays!

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