26 weeks

26 weeks in and I’m feeling a  little better than last week, although I have had a bit of a dizzy spell over the last few days, nothing a nap and some food didn’t sort out though!

The baby is now 36cm long from head to toe and weighs around 760g. He or she has definitely developed a strong sense of hearing and jumps at loud noises, including my noisy neighbours! And I’m sure he/she reacts to my daughters and my partners voices already – they only have to enter the room and start talking and he or she starts playing bouncy castles in my womb!

Those kicks are getting stronger and stronger by the day and both my partner and my daughter finally sat still long enough to feel one last week and the little one certainly didn’t hold back, he or she walloped their hands so hard they flew up into the air! My partner also seems to be growing fonder and fonder of the bump and no longer sees it as some weird alien being that freaks him out, which is great for me having been a single mum during my last pregnancy as I feel like I can really share it with him now.

I’m lucky in that I still haven’t got any stretch marks, well new ones anyway (my stomach was like an A to Z during my last pregnancy so I have a lot of silver ones left over from then!) and the Bio Oil is certainly taking a bashing in the hope that I won’t get any more! My sciatica, which I suffer from anyway, has started to rear it’s ugly head and I often find myself almost paralysed when I get up from a chair and have to almost drag my dodgier leg behind me to get anywhere. Luckily it doesn’t seem to last long!

I also saw the midwife this week, she felt the baby and he or she is of average size, but my womb isn’t measuring up as big as would be expected – all thanks to the baby lying across my stomach rather than head or feet down. Nothing to worry about of course, the little monkey is just comfy and will no doubt shift position by about 28/30 weeks. Despite the stress of moving (again!) and everything else that has been testing my patience since becoming pregnant my blood pressure is fine, that little heart beat was thumping away as usual and the only thing that was slightly unusual was a trace of protein in my urine, which of course could be anything and needn’t be worried about unless it shows up again next time or it’s combined with any other symptoms. It was great to see the midwife and particularly reassuring for my daughter who’s been worrying about me and the baby recently, so all in all I’d say it’s been a good week for me and the bump!



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  1. Aaaaw it’s not long now ;-D

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