28 weeks

Well the little one should measure around 38cm from head to toe by now and weigh around 1kg, which for those of us who haven’t a clue about grams and kilograms, is just over 2lb. He or she still doesn’t appear to be making the most out of my uterus being able to stretch upwards and still seems to be laying across my stomach rather than up it as the picture above demonstrates he or she should – not that it stops him or her giving me the odd dig in the bladder of course! My daughter was already head down by 28 weeks, but as second babies have a bit more room to wriggle around in I’ve been told not to expect this one to cooperate until about 32 weeks. Either that or the baby is proving that it is infact a boy just by it’s uncooperative nature!

The baby is definitely and active little thing and loves nothing more than waking me up several times a night with a sharp dig in the bladder or what appears to be his or her play time – I’m hoping this need to play football in the middle of the night won’t be reflected in his or her waking patterns once he or she arrives! My daughter has continued in her love of reading and talking to my bump, not that her baby brother or sister seems to mind, and she squeals with delight when she gets a kick from the little wriggler.

I’ve been feeling the hormones kick in again now I’ve reached the third trimester, the tears are definitely back, but on the plus side at least my temper isn’t! Part of that is my pelvis seems to have a mind of it’s own and if it doesn’t want me to move I can’t, whether that’s walking, climbing just a few steps or bending down to get something out of the oven. I’m almost convinced I’ve got SPD as the pain I am in, especially in the afternoons and evenings is almost unbearable and standing, sitting and laying down do nothing to ease it, neither does paracetemol of course. I’m going to try a support belt when I get to Mothercare next week just to see if it will help ease the pain. It seems they either get rave reviews or make the wearer even more uncomfortable so I guess it’s a case of trying one to see if it will work for me rather than relying on reviews in this case.

In other pregnancy related news I no longer fit into any of my clothes, well that’s a lie, I fit into some of my pre pregnancy clothes, a few of my old fat clothes and the odd maternity item (we’re still only talking one pair of leggings, one pair of jeans and about 3 tops so not a vast amount!) but lately I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear and of course that has me in tears too! I’m also fed up of wearing comfy shoes and am dying to wear even the smallest of heels or something that doesn’t resemble a trainer or a flip flop! Needless to say I will be hitting not only Mothercare but various other shops next week to cheer myself up and hopefully bag myself a few bargains. Lets just hope it’s not one of those shopping trips when you can’t find anything you like/that fits or I may well have a hormonal breakdown in the middle of the high street! (don’t you just love pregnancy hormones!)


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