Baby Scan

For those of you who don’t know already……………………..

It’s a boy! 

We had our 3D/4D scan this week and the baby is perfect. Very long, weighs rather a lot for his “age” (lucky old me eh!) and true to form is rather camera shy, just like me and his dad so he gave the doctor quite the run around throughout the scan.

It was rather a bizarre experience, I was on a bed what seemed like a mile away from my partner, while we watched our baby on different screens – no holding hands or gazing wistfully into each others eyes during the scan for us! Not to mention the rather excitable 9 year old that is my daughter getting in the doctors way and poking at my stomach to try to encourage the baby to move and even telling the doctor that if he couldn’t find the baby’s sex we would have to go elsewhere because she HAD to know if she was getting a brother or sister!

When the baby finally started to cooperate it was definitely clear that it was infact a he and both my partner and daughter had got their wish for a son/little brother. I on the other hand had already resigned myself to the fact that he was a boy, despite almost expecting to have another girl. I must admit to shedding a tear when I found out I am having a little  boy, mainly because my daughter was so unbelievably happy and was busy crying and flinging herself into my partners arms shrieking “it’s a boy, it’s a boy” and of course she was so relieved to know that everything was ok with her little brother following her wobble a few weeks back.

Once we’d found out the sex it was clearly too much cooperation on the baby’s part for him to do so any longer and he decided he wouldn’t show us his little face and did everything he could to hide it from us. Including covering his face with his hands and even his feet, not to mention completely rolling over. I don’t think even my daughter was disappointed at this, all she cared about was she was having the little brother she’s always wanted and at least my partner and I will get one surprise when he’s born – what he looks like! Besides all that matters to me is that our little boy is healthy and the scan proved that.

Now I can’t wait to meet the adorable little boy that has made me so sick, ache like mad with SPD and kept me awake all night long with his kicks, somersaults and of course his using my bladder as a bouncy castle!

I’m afraid I have no pics from the scan, not that they would be very interesting without being able to see his face of course. I do however have a dvd, which I’ve watched a few times now and may well upload if I can work out how!


4 responses to “Baby Scan

  1. From a mum who had her pregnancies 15 years apart I share your excitement…good luck when you alll get to meet the little guy…xxx Eliza Keating

  2. Awww how lovely! Congrats to you all.

  3. Such lovely news!! Your daughter will be telling everyone now that she has a little brother.

    Sounds like you had a lovely experience.
    CJ xx

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