Back to school

Well it’s been almost 3 weeks and the daughter has been loving every minute of her new school. I’ve been assured it’s “the best school I’ve ever been to”, which sounds like a pretty good review to me, certainly a far better one than I ever gave my mum when I was at school!

New friends have been made and old friendships rekindled. She doesn’t need practically dragging out of bed every morning, although of course it’s still early days, and she doesn’t even mind having to catch the school bus at 8am, infact she almost bounds up the steps! She’s ravenous when she gets in every day and is always worn out by bed time.

It took a few days of going back and forth to the school, not to mention the miles of paperwork, to actually get her in there. Plus my reservations about the school itself, call it snobbery if you will, but it really does seem like it was worth the headache, I haven’t seen her so happy in ages!


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