Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
I haven’t taken part in Michelle’s Reasons to be Cheerful for ages (again!) so thought I’d give it a whirl again this week.

So what’s making me happy this week?

Without a doubt it has to be seeing my gorgeous baby on screen again last week. That alone is reason enough to be cheerful, but we also found out that my daughter’s dream of having a baby brother is to come true, plus he’s perfectly healthy and growing well – what more could I ask for!

My gorgeous girl lighting up my day with a huge smile every morning when I wake her for school, the delightful way she bounds up the steps of the bus every morning and back down them again on her way home from school before throwing her arms around me and kissing me and my bump.

My lovely man understanding why the house is in a mess (even if it’s taken him a while to understand how much SPD actually hurts!), hoisting me off the sofa thanks to the SPD and my ever growing bump and always managing to put a smile on my face. If it’s possible, this pregnancy has made me love him even more – yes I know pass the sick bucket!

Amazon offering free super saver delivery and seriously reduced prices on baby essentials. I’ve bought everything from bottles and baby baths on there and am even buying my pushchair at a £50 reduction on Mothercare prices. It’s been an absolute life saver and rather kind on the pocket too!

The new love of my life – my hoover! Yes, I may have lost the plot ever so slightly but having marble floors and only a broom to sweep them with has been driving me insane, no matter what I did they always seemed dusty. Well my wonderful hoover has put paid to that and even has an attachment for floors like mine. Sad to be so excited over a hoover but I’m clearly very easily pleased these days!

Remember to pop over to the link up to join in and get a dose of happiness from others posts too!


11 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Getting excited about having a hoover comes to us all in the end. That and cardigan and slipper lust. Your post is so happy and with very good reasons too.

  2. Lovely happy reasons that made me smile. The hoover comment made me laugh because i got excited about a new mop this week. What are we like? x

    • Sad isn’t it, a night out or a holiday used to make me excited, these days the best I can hope for is a new hoover to do the trick! Saying that a new mop is on my list actually! x

  3. Argh, marble floors and dust! I can understand how the hoover makes you happy!

    Oh and the other reasons are good too 😉

  4. I too have become rather hoover obsessed, oh the joys. SPD is such a painful thing. I remember even the day after giving birth I felt so fabulous when I walked out of the hospital without feeling like my pelvis was splitting in 2. Hope it doesn’t get any worse for you. x

  5. I got a new hoover in the summer and was pretty chuffed with it too- the little thing, hey?

    So glad you got to see babe again and lovely you are having a boy.

    How crap to have SPD, just keeping about the end result and it will be worth it.

    Mich x

  6. Wow, great reasons! Enjoy it all :0)

  7. I remember by the 2nd scan I thought I could see traces of my babies personality from how ‘it’ (opted not to know sex) responded to the session :0)

  8. nothing wrong with getting excited over a hoover!

  9. That is a lovely post! Amazon are truly amazing, I go there first for everything.

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