30 weeks

According to the stats my little one is around 39cm from head to toe and 1.3kg by this week. Scrap that he was already 1.5kg, which is a massive 3.3lb, by just over 28 weeks according to the doctor that did my 3/4D scan recently! So it looks like I’m in for some fun when it comes to D Day as no doubt the little monkey will continue being bigger than he should be for his age – runs in his father’s family!

He still seems to be lying diagonally rather than head down, he’s almost there but it just seems far to comfortable for him to move just yet and he’s loving all that room in my uterus to roll over and extend his legs out under my rib cage, or deliver a swift punch to the bladder, which is always a delight! I love this part of being pregnant so much I know I’ll miss it as soon as he puts in an appearance.

The heartburn continues to plague me, but lets face it that’s not going anywhere! I don’t sleep much at night, between my noisy neighbours and the baby either poking me in the bladder or the heartburn making me feel like I’m about to throw up, it’s just not going to happen, but luckily I’ve had a few decent nights sleep over the last few days – probably through sheer exhaustion! The SPD has it’s moments, some days I just ache, others I’m in tears with the sheer agony of it. Sitting, standing, laying down, walking, climbing stairs – anything can set it off or seem almost impossible once it kicks in. It’s always there, although it’s often worse in the afternoons and evenings, some nights I can’t even get off the sofa and if I do my legs go from under me, it really isn’t nice. I didn’t get my support band, Mothercare was out of stock and I can’t find one anywhere else so it looks like I’ll be ordering one online and paying extortionate postage – which lets face it will be worth it if it helps ease the pain!

On the plus side, the daughter is obsessed with her baby brother and is delighted that he now has a few little outfits rather than just the one she chose him and can’t go anywhere without trying to buy him something (with my money of course!). She’s desperately trying to choose a name for him at the moment and already calls him by her favourite name – unfortunately for her it’s not one my partner and I like at all, and is the biggest help to me that anyone could ever be, helping out around the house and even putting my shoes on for me when I simply can’t bend down without bursting into tears. She’s going to make the most amazing big sister and I can’t wait to see her beautiful little face when she sees her baby brother!


4 responses to “30 weeks

  1. You’re into the home stretch! I find that last ten weeks to be the hardest, in every way, but hopefully you’ll find it more pleasant than I did 🙂 I know what you mean about the bladder punches… ugh, the worst! You’ll be talking to someone or doing something, and then suddenly you’re all, “I have to pee! NOW!” *giggle*

  2. Hi. Congrats on the pregnancy. If you speak to your doc and get a physio referral, they should be able to give you support band free of charge. Hope the pain gets better (or at least, doesn’t get any worse) before the big day. I’ve found trying to walk too fast sets it off more than anything else – and running is a BIG no no. x

  3. Just found your blog. Love. My daughters are 11 years apart. It has been wonderful experiencing motherhood all over again this way. Thrilled for you.

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