A Tale of Two Pregnancies

Karin from over at Cafe Bebe recently wrote a post entitled A Tale of Two Pregnancies which I have stolen taken inspiration from in writing this post. Karin and I are both at similar stages of pregnancy, she was 30 weeks when writing her post last week and I hit 30 weeks this weekend just gone too, so it’s always interesting to see how she is getting along. This post was right up my street, I’ve been constantly comparing my previous pregnancy, some 10 years ago, to this one and it’s interesting to see just how different two pregnancies can be!

I suppose the biggest differences between this pregnancy and my last is that I’m no longer a 19/20 year old girl, I hit 30 while pregnant (no drinking cocktails to celebrate the big 3 – 0 for me!) and I’m not going through this pregnancy on my own. As ridiculous as it may sound I never imagined experiencing pregnancy with a partner around, I was pretty much convinced that it would always be my daughter and I, it was much easier on me that way and after all that’s how it had been pretty much from the start after her dad decided he didn’t want to be a part of her life. It’s not been what I led myself to believe it would be, I think I imagined the perfect scenario – all romance and roses, anything would have been better than the crushing loneliness of having no one to share my first pregnancy with surely. But it’s been far from that, what with moving country while in the throes of morning sickness and all of the stress that accompanies such a huge move plus a partner with a phobia of my growing bump (which thankfully he has grown out of) it hasn’t been quite what I imagined it to be at times. It is however on the up and I’m enjoying sharing my pregnancy with him.

Of course with age has come a more relaxed approach to pregnancy, I’ve done it before after all and I don’t allow other people’s opinions of how things should be done effect me like I did back then. The only things that have worried me during pregnancy were being away from friends and family which was thankfully rectified by a new job for the man and yet another move. Healthcare has also been an issue. Having been living abroad during this pregnancy and my partner moving from job to job I haven’t been living anywhere long enough to qualify for private healthcare cover so have been paying for my own. Luckily I’ve had a healthy pregnancy so far and have been able to get by with minimal contact with healthcare professionals. If this had been my first pregnancy however I can imagine I would be in a right state worrying constantly about how many appointments I “should” have had by now.

My bump seems huge to me, although I seem to still be losing weight – one of the many bonuses of pregnancy for me which I experienced during my first pregnancy too. I was rather larger than I would have hoped for when I first fell pregnant, but my midwife put my mind at rest by telling me I’m positively skinny compared to most of her patients in the hospital where she works. It was something I had worried about at first, but something that never even sprang to mind when I was pregnant with my daughter, despite being on the larger side back then too!

My diet has been better than usual, I actually craved milk (which I don’t usually drink but craved in my first pregnancy too) and lettuce rather than sugary treats. Having said that they are creeping back into my diet now so I need to watch that I don’t eat quite as many treats as I often fancy! I haven’t worried over what I should and shouldn’t be eating this time around either. If I fancy a bit of chorizo, I’ll have it as long as it’s cooked through rather than raw like I’d usually eat it. I don’t eat raw eggs and I make sure that my steak is suitably cremated, but other than that my diet is pretty much the same.

The baby definitely seems more active than my daughter was, however this could be because I was rushed off my feet at work throughout my last pregnancy so I was probably too busy to notice her moving as much as I can now that I am off work and have the time to really notice the little one’s movements. They definitely do seem very strong though, I can feel him turning over, make out which bit of him is which (a head, a bottom, an arm or a leg) and those kicks and punches seem to make my stomach dance around under my clothes – maybe it’s because he’s a boy and isn’t as delicate as my daughter was!

As for pregnancy niggles, the morning sickness in my first pregnancy lasted for longer but wasn’t as awful, whereas this pregnancy saw me unable to leave the house for almost 2 months because I literally could not stop being sick – I actually thought I was dying rather than pregnant and was suitably told off by the doctor when I eventually dragged myself to see him! With both pregnancies heartburn has been a constant companion, as has my huge bottle of gaviscon! This pregnancy has seen me in constant agony for the last few weeks though, it seems not only has my sciatica put in an appearance again, but I’ve also got SPD which often has me crying in pain or even collapsing to the floor when I try to walk. Of course I should be having physio, have crutches and decent painkillers by now, but without proper healthcare it’s a case of paracetemol and learning to grin and bear it!

As for comparing my two pregnancies – my first was scary, lonely, full of facts and figures and monitored throughout, my second has been stressful at times but in all far more chilled out thanks to having been there before, unbelievably painful but also a wonderful experience that I’ve enjoyed sharing with my gorgeous daughter and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.


9 responses to “A Tale of Two Pregnancies

  1. Bless, that’s a wonderful account of both of your pregnancies! How very different they have been as well. Feel free to “steal” any othe ideas from me any time you like! Good luck in the coming weeks!

    Mwah xx

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  3. Lovely story – hope all goes well for you in the coming weeks

  4. Fab post! I had SPD with my last 2 pregnancies and to be honest physio didn’t help and they didn’t really offer me anything else. Hope everything carries on smoothly and I look forward to hearing about your new bundle of joy!

  5. Happy Healthy pregnancy to you, all the best for a safe arival

  6. Lovely account. I’m constantly comparing my current pregnancy (39 weeks on Friday) to my last one 4 years ago. So much seems different. Like yours, this baby feels much stronger and wrigglier than Joel ever did. However, I had SPD really badly last time (I really do sympathise, it’s horrid) but not too badly this time (I’m just a bit limpy, cannot run and need help turning over in bed).

    I really hope the last bit of your pregnancy passes quickly, positively and with minimal back pain – I’m sure it will. Make sure you see your physio after the birth too – they can help ensure everything sets back into its proper place more quickly x

  7. Thank you for sharing, its strange how two pregnancies can vary so much. I’m blessed you have more support this time round. Good luck hun


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