31 weeks

31 weeks pregnant and the baby has finally decided that he will move into a head down position. He doesn’t have as much room left to wriggle around as he did so instead of full on roly polys and huge kicks I’m getting the odd stretch, gentle kick and of course a punch to the bladder for good measure!

The good news is that since he’s moved my SPD hasn’t been nearly as bad as it had been. Of course it still feels like someone has me on a medieval rack and is stretching my pelvis as far as it will possibly go, but at least it doesn’t feel like it’s about to give way! I still get terrible pain, but as always it’s just a case of getting on with it and knowing that it should be gone again by the morning – if of course I can manage to get to sleep!

My midwife came to see me this week and is happy with both me and the bump and how we’re getting along so I don’t need to see her again until I’m 34 weeks which is good as after that it’ll be down to every two until the baby decides to put in an appearance.

My bump still seems to be around the same size as it has been for the last few weeks, but no doubt as the baby continues to put on weight my bump will expand too. Luckily I have got hold of a new camera so I will be back to taking pictures of my bump to compare them with the ones I took earlier on in my pregnancy. It would be nice to document these last few weeks in pictures – especially as this will no doubt be the last time I ever have what resembles a tight stomach (yes I know it’s only tight because there’s a baby in there, but it’s better than the saggy mess I’ll be left with once he arrives!). Plus I just love the way my body looks at the moment. I’ve never been the slimmest of girls, but my bump has given me so much confidence and I’ll be sad to see it go.

I’ve managed to order our pushchair and will be order the cot and car seat within the next week or so too. I still seem to have loads to do before the baby arrives, yet the urgency of actually getting around to doing it has only just started to sink in.

Wish me luck!



6 responses to “31 weeks

  1. Good luck lovely! We’re the same you know! Although thankfully I haven’t had any SPD but I’ve been plagued by alternating kidney & thrush infections for the last 5 weeks. Ever so much fun! NOT. Sounds like you’re doing really well. Enjoy the last 2 months! Would love to see your bump to compare…mine feels GIANT! 🙂

    • I’ll put the pics up tomorrow – just had a quick measure and it’s 51 inches around the widest part so massive to say the least but luckily for me I’m 5ft 8 so I’ve got an extra few inches of height to help lug it around with me! I’ve been lucky to avoid any infections thankfully although everyone I know seems to get them while pregnant – I must have had a lucky escape, well so far anyway! x

  2. Aaaw won’t be long now x x

    Glad you’re both doing well

  3. My SPD is becoming almost unbearable and I’ve taken the decision to never do anymore housework! (we’ll see how that pans out…)

    I’m off to go and measure my bump.

    • Noooo don’t measure your bump, you’re skinny!

      Mine is actually easing up a bit now his heighness has moved to a head down position – still not terrific but not as crippling as it was thank god!

  4. oooh so exciting! 🙂 Have you thought about having a pregnancy photo shoot btw, might make a nice present for you from the other half!

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