Bump Watch

I’m finally with camera again, so here it is the long awaited 31 week bump photo!

Now measuring up at a HUGE 51 inches at it’s widest point!

Here’s the other pics to compare:

It doesn’t seem that much bigger than at 25 weeks at first, until you look at the distance from my boobs to the edge of my bump, in which case it is definitely growing like wildfire!

I wonder how much bigger it’s going to get over the coming weeks!


4 responses to “Bump Watch

  1. Ooh! I will have to measure mine! Will attempt to do another this week so we can share! 😉

    Lovely bump by the way!

    🙂 Karin

    • Wish I could keep it! I love my bump, despite the sickness, SPD etc.

      Definitely you have to do another pic this week – it’s great to compare how you’re getting on as we’re so close together x

  2. Aaaaw You’ll have a baby by Christmas you know 😉

    Seriously, he is going to be huuuuge x x

  3. awww wow! Fabulous to see it growing!

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