32 weeks

32 weeks and feeling rather hefty. The bump seems to grow and shrink on a daily basis, probably something to do with where the little wrigglers bottom is located at the time! He is meant to measure up around 42cm and 1.7kg by now (3.74lbs), although if he is still growing at the rate of knots he was at my 28 weeks scan, he’ll be about 4lbs no doubt. I keep reading that I should expect to put on a 1lb a week from now on which is a scary thought, although half of that supposedly goes directly to the baby to make him all cute and chubby by the time he’s born – not the technical reasoning of course, but you get my drift. Shame it doesn’t all come off as quickly as it goes on though eh! And here’s hoping it restricts it’s addition of fatty deposits to my bump and not my double chin(s) and bingo wings!

Miraculously, I’m not feeling too bad. I still have pain from the spd which unfortunately only eased off for a few days and is back to it’s rather painful worst the majority of the time. The heartburn has been awful in the last few days, so much so I’ve been panic buying Gaviscon for fear of the shop running out when I need it! I’m not as tired as I supposedly should be, especially considering my sleeping pattern is all over the place thanks to noisy neighbours, the man working dodgey hours, the spd and heartburn, not to mention a strange bug we all seemed to pick up last week, but it’s becoming noticeably harder to get around now thanks to the size of my bump which will no doubt exhaust me in the coming weeks!

We’re discussing names at the moment and it isn’t an easy job, I have a bit of a problem where I don’t actually like any boys names and the ones I find remotely acceptable my partner can’t stand. I’m beginning to think I may have to leave the naming up to to my 9 year old and risk him being named after one of the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber, or even picking a name out of a hat. If you do have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, you never know you may well end up being responsible for my little boy’s name!

I’m still relatively chilled out about the birth, I know where I’m having the baby even if I haven’t seen inside the hospital, but I’ve heard it’s almost hotel like with 3 course meals (not that I expect anyone gets time to actually eat a 3 course meal with a screaming baby to deal with!) and the care is supposedly award winning. I’ve done it before after all, albeit almost 10 years ago, so there’s no reason I can’t do it again and my pregnancy is progressing well, we’re both healthy so there’s no reason to worry – well apart from the 40 minute journey to the hospital! I’m all for quick births but of course last time I was a 5 minute drive from the hospital, this time I need to try and time it so that I have enough time left to actually get to the hospital before giving birth on the motorway without spending too much time in the hospital if I get it wrong – well here’s hoping!


One response to “32 weeks

  1. Oh you sound like you are in such a great place! Enjoy these last 8 weeks!

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