33 weeks

Apparently the little monkey is 4.4lbs and about 44cm from head to toe – feels more like 7lb to me though! He’s still wriggling around, punching me in the bladder and giving me rather uncalled for digs in the ribs, although you can definitely tell he’s running out of space – well I suppose you would when you’re massive and have legs longer than your mothers already!

My bump feels heavy now, almost as if it’s something I’m carrying around with me rather than it being my stomach, just a larger version. The stretch marks still haven’t surfaced, god I must have been so fat before I lost weight to have not stretched my stomach any further during this pregnancy! (If only I’d kept more of my old fat clothes!) My bump seems to be quite high too and despite feeling like his head is sitting well into my pelvis some days, on others I almost look like I’ve got 3 boobs when a certain young mans bottom makes its way up towards my chest!

My next appointment with the midwife is due at 34 weeks, then every two weeks after that until the little one decides to put in an appearance. I’m hoping if he’s late, like my daughter was it will only be by a couple of days as I really can’t cope with the idea of spending christmas in hospital away from my daughter and ruining what should be a fun time for her rather than being packed off to various friends houses while I wait to be discharged.

The cot arrived this week which should apparently make me all excited, but all it’s done is scare me to think that in 7 weeks time there will be a baby in it and I’ve still got so much to do and buy!



3 responses to “33 weeks

  1. You’ll have an ickle baby by Christmas you know x

  2. Aww bless, nice and active, lol.

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