34 weeks

Does it feel like I’ll have a baby in my arms in the next six weeks? NO! There’s so much to do and seemingly so little time to cram it all into! There’s medical stuff to be sorted or I’ll have to cross my legs and hope the baby doesn’t put in an early appearance. Not to mention the cot to build, a birth plan to write, a hospital bag to buy for and pack and loads of things to buy for both me and the baby. I swear I was far more organised first time around! Surely as a second time mum I should know better, or maybe my laid back approach the midwife praises every time I see her has actually become the cause of me getting increasingly worried that I’m going to go into labour and be completely unorganised. Oh well, I’ll have to just remind myself that years ago people managed to give birth without carting everything but the kitchen sink with them to the hospital!

I’m due to see the midwife this week and will definitely be asking about the size of the baby. Although not completely accurate, with a history of large babies in my partners family, her educated guess at how big the baby is/will be will at least go some way to help me prepare for a birth that may not be quite as intervention free as I’d hoped if he does infact turn out to be a monster! Here’s hoping for an average sized baby people! Once this midwife visit is over I’ll be on 2 weekly appointments with her, unless of course she’s happy to leave me for longer, although the beauty of my wonderful midwife is I can call her at any time to ask questions or even schedule a last minute appointment, so at least I never feel like I haven’t seen her or can’t just pick up the phone – not that I have yet! It’s just a shame I won’t be able to have her with me when the baby puts in an appearance!

The main thing I’ve noticed this week, other than reoccurring morning sickness, horrendous spd and very strong Braxton Hicks, which is a delight, is the fact that I seem to be morphing into a dairy cow! Although still no larger than they were (thank goodness!) my boobs are just raring to go and have started producing milk already – thankfully not a large amount, but my daughter finds it highly amusing and even asked sarcastically if I needed milking! Don’t you just love kids! Lets hope that they actually manage to produce enough milk to keep this baby happy once he comes along, unlike my guzzle guts daughter who needed topping up with formula before abandoning my supply for a guaranteed bottle one!


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