Bump Watch: 34 weeks

34 weeks, well 34 weeks and 5 days by the time I got round to taking this picture.

Not sure I even want to tell you that my bump is now measuring up at a mega 53 inches around at it’s widest point, although that may have something to do with my baby’s bum sticking out at every possible opportunity while he delivers a swift kick to the underneath of my ribcage!

Lugging my big old bump around has started taking a toll on my poor feet this week, they too are probably almost 53 inches wide now thanks to the delightful swelling I get at the end of the day. Luckily they’re the only thing that swell up so it’s not a worry and is the perfect excuse to put my feet up – literally! The other advantage of having clown feet is at least they stop me falling over when  I bend down to pick something up!

Just 6 more possible photo opportunities if I go to 40 weeks so I’m hoping I’ll remember to capture each week as I go, surely this bump can’t get any bigger though!?!




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