35 weeks

35 weeks pregnant today and the hormones seem to be back with a vengeance! I spent the vast majority of the day yesterday in tears, from tears of frustration, watching sad or happy things o tv to tears for no apparent reason. I am a little stressed out, who wouldn’t be after all,  I’m about to have a baby so I guess that’s only natural, but this is being added to by yet more setbacks paperwork wise about where I’m actually able to have the baby. Which has led to me worrying about the birth when I’ve been completely calm and not stressed about the birth in the slightest, to the point where I’m utterly convinced it’s all going to go horribly wrong. This is where discussing my thoughts with a midwife would be great, but despite asking to see her last week I haven’t heard anything from her so now I’m hoping I get to see her this week as I’m due to see her again at 36 weeks anyway.

Coupled with my worries my feet have been swelling up on a daily basis, so I’m at the stage where I have to wear flipflops – shame it’s coincided with torrential rain, but at least my clown feet are giving me something to laugh about at the moment. Apparently my belly button should have popped out by now – mine never popped out when I was pregnant with my daughter and I don’t expect it to now, i’m definitely an “innie” despite being on it’s way out I doubt that I am ever likely to become an “outie”, even only for a few weeks! I’m also supposed to stop putting on weight this week. I stopped weighing myself a few weeks ago, but hadn’t put on any weight up until then. I had been worried about being pregnant while not exactly a size 12, but having initially lost weight then slowly put it back on again I’m still in some pre pregnancy clothes and have used my old fat clothes to avoid buying loads of new maternity clothes, although I may well need to invest in some nice slightly smaller clothes after the birth.

I still need to get to the shops to stock up on baby things – from nappies to muslin cloths, not to mention things I will need during and after the birth, but at least I have all the big things now like the cot, pram and car seat which is currently winging it’s way to me. Opting for a cot rather than a moses basket will no doubt drive me mad as it takes up far too much of my bedroom for my liking, although luckily we will be moving after the baby is born as this place is just far too small to squeeze us all in. A moses basket just seems like an unnecessary expense when the baby is likely to outgrow it in a matter of weeks – just wait for him to prove me wrong and be tiny!

Despite my worries, not to mention the aches and pains and massive bump, it still feels bizarre that I’ll have a baby in my arms in the next few weeks – no doubt the pain of the contractions will soon put paid to that though!



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