36 weeks

Can’t quite believe I’m 36 weeks pregnant, it seems to have gone so fast despite any aches and pains – and there’s been a few!

The baby should weigh about 6lb (although his rather sizeable bottom feels like it may well weigh about that on it’s own when it’s firmly wedged under my ribs!) and is around 47cm from head to toe by now. According to the experts I may well feel the baby engage from about now, although so far I’m pretty much sure this hasn’t happened yet – his bum squashing my ribs is a telltale sign that it hasn’t, besides as this is my second pregnancy he may well not engage until the last minute.

My midwife still hasn’t been in touch so I’ve had to book another one to visit me next week and hopefully everything will be ok as I haven’t seen one for 6 weeks now. Everything seems fine obviously, but how the heck to I know? I’ve got no further with the other healthcare issues, infact I would say the official people I’ve approached have been worse than useless and I’m still no further to knowing where I can officially give birth. At the end of the day though I’m having a baby and he will arrive when he chooses to do so, so whether I’m supposed to go to a certain hospital or not won’t make a difference – I’ll be going straight to the nearest one at the time! If only I wasn’t over 40 minutes from my nearest hospital as I’d go straight for a home birth, but then that comes with the problem of being able to afford to pay a midwife to be here for the birth. I’m desperately trying not to let it get to me, but what with the hormones I think it’s inevitable that I have shed quite a few tears of late purely out of frustration.

I’m pretty much sure the baby is still head down, although sometimes I feel quite a bit of movement towards my sides and imagine him having turned and being completely in the wrong position. The midwife will be able to confirm this when I see her next week obviously so fingers crossed he’s behaving himself in there and is infact head down. I have been using my birth ball from The Miracle Box  that I was kindly sent to review (review to follow in a few weeks) and following the exercises for optimal foetal positioning to try to ensure baby is in the best position for birth and also to relieve the back and pelvic pain I have been experiencing. Obviously I don’t know if it’s helping to keep baby where he’s supposed to be, but it has definitely been helping to alleviate pressure on my back and pelvis and I will be hoping to take it to the hospital with me to help me keep in a more upright position for as long as I can during labour.

One thing that has been plaguing me this week is a terrible lack of sleep, to the point where I didn’t even go to bed one night. I can’t contribute it to any one thing, I’m uncomfortable after all, not to mention having heartburn and worrying about the healthcare side of things, but it has caused my morning sickness to rear it’s head again and I’ve been really quite ill over the last few days. I did manage two wonderful nights of unbroken sleep which made me feel like a million dollars, but I was up again at 5am this morning so it hasn’t lasted long. The morning sickness is in danger of returning to the level it was at when I first discovered I was pregnant (or rather thought I had something terribly wrong with me rather than being pregnant due to literally not being able to stop being sick) and even my heightened sense of smell has returned. I’m like a bloodhound! Cooking smells from next door (or further away) make me gag, if I can’t get the smell of food off my hands after preparing dinner it will keep me awake all night feeling nauseous, I can sniff out a cigarette at 100 paces, but the floor cleaner the cleaner uses in the communal hallway makes me want to lick the floor, it’s ridiculous!

Oh well that pretty much sums me up at the moment – nose like a demented bloodhound and breasts that a dairy cow would be proud of!


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