37 weeks

37 weeks today and I pretty much look like the pic above (without the tiny bum of course!). I have a huge bump and the baby is lying in the same position as the one above which would explain why I thought he had such a giant rear end, when infact what I could feel wedged into my ribs was infact his bum and his legs!

This week has finally seen the paperwork side of things sorted out so I now know where I’m having the baby – it’s only taken until 3 weeks before my due date, but at least it’s a weight off my shoulders at last. I’ve also seen a new midwife who walked in and said “Ooh you’re all baby!” which scared the life out of me as my stomach is huge, but at least if I am all baby I’ll have less weight to shift before being a bridesmaid in May – silver linings and all that! My blood pressure was raised, although still in a healthy range, which she put down to stressing about the paperwork side of things and being heavily pregnant and the baby’s heart rate was up by what I thought was rather a lot, I could even tell it was faster myself just by listening to it, but I’m assured that was fine too. Maybe it’s because he was always asleep when it was checked before but was having a mad half an hour wriggling about all over the place when the midwife was here. Needless to say I’m feeling an awful lot calmer this week now that I know me and the bump are still ok and we have the hospital all sorted out.

My sleeping has been a lot better, my heartburn worse. My feet have to be up in the air by 6pm or I start resembling the elephant man, when my feet and legs turn into what my wonderful, supportive 9 year old daughter referred to as “cankles” last night when she had to pull my shoes and socks off my hideously swollen feet before I became fused to them!

The cot is now up in the corner of my room and I wake in the night and have to convince myself there will be a baby in it soon, which still seems like a ridiculous way off right now but in reality is just around the corner. My man has finally come to the realisation we are infact having a baby in a few weeks and woke in a blind panic yesterday morning demanding that I hurry up and pack my hospital bag and tell him where things are so he knows what needs to come to the hospital with us. Men eh!

Oh and we still don’t have any baby names for our little boy so please feel free to make some suggestions before I have to let my daughter name him after one of the boys in JLS!


3 responses to “37 weeks

  1. Lol! My bum isn’t that tiny and I don’t have any pregnancy excuse at all!!! Can’t believe that you are 37 weeks already!! Exciting stuff. My favourite boys name is Nate xx

  2. Oh the heartburn is something you ever forget!! I bet the next 3 weeks will fly by:)

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