38 weeks

I was 38 weeks on Saturday and still feel like this baby is growing bigger by the day! Again people keep telling me my bump has dropped, but being the one lugging it around I just can’t see it myself, so decided to take another bump pic this morning to compare it to my last one.

I still don’t see it myself, I think I may have dropped about an inch, but nothing as impressive as everyone else seems to think. I’m convinced this baby is going to be late, he just doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to make an appearance any time soon and is clearly very comfortable in there, which of course I don’t mind it’s just the horrific heartburn I’d rather do without until he decides to put in an appearance.

Along with the delights of heartburn which have seen me awake all night again and being seriously sick the following day, I’ve got that delightful itchy skin that is telling me my stomach just isn’t going to stretch any further without putting up a fight – or at least adding to my old stretch mark collection! (which thankfully hasn’t seen any additions throughout this entire pregnancy, to date anyway!) I have had a few days of pretty servere braxton hicks, but even so I’m still pretty much convinced this little one is in it for the long haul! Saying that, having spent the last 4 hours in my daughters room rearranging it, decluttering before the deluge of Christmas presents and giving it a good tidy up, it may well be just what he needs to get him moving!


2 responses to “38 weeks

  1. Ohhhh sounds like you are nesting to me:)

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