39 weeks

39 weeks and not even so much as a sign this baby is ready to make an appearance! I was 39 weeks on Saturday, so it looks like I’m heading for the 40 week and over mark. Everyone I know seems to be announcing the birth of their baby on Twitter or Facebook and although it’s not getting to me just yet, I’m sure it will do in the coming days. I am of course excited to meet the little boy who has been giving me horrific heartburn, painful carpal tunnel syndrome and Braxton Hicks over the last week or so (not to mention the aches and pains that came before of course!) and his dad is certainly getting very impatient, asking on almost an hourly basis when his son is going to arrive (although I can imagine when I tell him he is on his way i’ll be greeted with a look of shock – or is that panic!).

I’m bouncing on my birth ball as often as possible, will be stocking up on the hotest curry I can find and munching on pineapple like it’s going out of fashion in the coming days in an effort to get things moving. If only I could schedule his arrival though, my daughter is a bit worried about me going into hospital without her and I’d much prefer to have him on a day when I know one of my friends will definitely be able to have her or my mum will have arrived, rather than taking it one day as it comes, but I guess as with anything to do with kids it’s hardly likely to be predictable.

Apparently the baby is around 50cm long from his head to his bottom and should weigh around 3kg or 6.6lbs by now. Of course that’s an average, not quite sure from where though as I’ve barely heard of a full term baby being born under 7lb before and I doubt this lump of a baby, who’s been given a helping hand in stockpiling a few ounces recently with my huge intake of chocolate over the last week or so, will weigh anything under 9lb! Despite my bump dropping last week it still seems the bump isn’t going to drop any further – for a while at least!

Believe it or not, despite the looking like a hippo with rather a fetching waddle,  along with the aches and pains and terrible migraines I keep seeming to get, I still love being pregnant! Ask me if that’s still true in a week and I may well give you another answer entirely!


One response to “39 weeks

  1. You crazy lady…..can’t believe that you are still enjoying being pregnant!!! Can’t wait to see the photos of this boy xx

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