Blogging Best Bits 2011

While waiting around for the bump to put in an appearance I have a bit of time on my hands as you can imagine. I’ve been meaning to take part in the BritMums Blog Prompts for ages so while I’m sitting here like a very uncomfortable hippo I thought I’d recap on my posts over the last year.

What struck me most is how little I’ve written this year compared to last, life (and moving country – twice!) seems to have got in the way and I haven’t been able to post as often as I might have liked. My blog has also become rather more of a “mum blog” than it had previously after finding out we are due an addition to the family this month, which has led me to compare being pregnant all those years ago with my daughter to my latest pregnancy.

I wittered on about elective c-sections prior to the big debate occurring and asked whether it is possible to love your subsequent children as much as you love your first. My daughter had a few pregnancy wobbles on my behalf and I hosted a fabulous Expat Blogger Carnival which I am mad not to have kept up as I found some brilliant new blogs to read.

I got on my high horse about child beauty pageants and showed off my rapidly expanding bump at every possible opportunity.

It’s been a different year for my blog, I’ve changed blog name and seem to have veered more towards the pregnancy/mum blog pigeon hole but it’s been my outlet to ramble on for yet another year and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year holds. It will certainly be a busy one with a new baby who should be arriving any day now. Wish me luck!


One response to “Blogging Best Bits 2011

  1. Lovely selection of posts. Good luck when the new baby arrives, I can vouch to say that you definitely can love your second just as much as your first.

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