Bump Watch: 39 weeks

This is the 39 week bump pic – 39 weeks and 4 days to be precise. I can see a slight drop in the bump since last week and he definitely feels lower, I just don’t think he’s engaged yet, but then with second babies it often happens when you’re in labour so we’ll just have to see I guess.

This week has seen hormonal outbursts to rival any axe murderer, floods of tears (generally about nothing and can occur simply by just looking at my daughter, or a sideboard to be completely honest!) and horrifically painfully SPD (again!). I had thought I was over the SPD but it seems as the baby has been moving down it’s returned worse than it ever was. I often can’t lift my legs onto the bed to lie down and even being helped to do so is excruciatingly painful, not to mention turning over in bed or trying to wedge my trusty pillow between my knees just to try and get comfortable. It’s got to the point where I’m worrying I may not even be able to give birth naturally as I simply cannot open my legs wider than a few inches without feeling like my body is about to crumble underneath me, I guess we’ll soon find out how that pans out anyway!

Another thing plaguing me has been Braxton Hicks, so strong and regular they take my breath away at times. All it takes to make them die off though is to lay on my side (if of course I can and the SPD hasn’t practically paralysed me by the time the Braxton Hicks crank up a notch!) so clearly although they may feel like the start of something, they’re just practice contractions – if only we could make the real ones stop when they get a bit much eh!

I’ve just found out the hospital has some serious building works going on too and the alternatives for my arrival at the hospital are to be let out of the car at the main entrance and wait for my partner to park the car a 5 minute walk from the hospital, or park the car with him and walk myself – neither an attractive choice having spent 40 minutes driving to the hospital in the first place. You also have to report to A&E who contact the midwifery staff and they come to get you – who really wants to be contracting all over the A&E department with queues of people looking on!?! I have a feeling getting to the hospital and getting into the maternity unit will actually be more of an ordeal than giving birth! (Can’t wait!)

Everyone seemed to think this baby would be early, but it seems he is still in no rush to put in an appearance. I was 10 days late with my daughter 10 years ago, so maybe this little one will decide he’s far too comfy to put in an appearance any time soon too. We’ll see if I’m doing a 40 week bump watch in the coming days I guess!


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