My Christmas Wishlist

When you have a baby on the way it’s hard to think about what you want for Christmas. It’s something I keep getting asked but everything is all about the baby’s imminent arrival or making sure my daughter has a wonderful Christmas despite a screaming newborn taking up a huge chunk of the proceedings. I’ve been having a look online and come up with a few bits:

Fenn Wright Manson Silk Slip in Carnation. £64.50. John Lewis

I love snuggling up in bed with a gorgeous silk nightie on, although the effect is often ruined by my rather fetching fluffy bed socks. Of course having been rapidly expanding over the last 9 months my nighties have taken a bit of a bashing and although they still fit me (shocking considering the size of my huge bump!) I think I deserve a replacement!

Penny Kennedy Slippers Journal. £8.95. John Lewis

I love stationary. I’ve always said I have a historical novel in me, not that I expect to ever be able to start or finish one with a newborn on my hands, but a beautiful notebook like this may just be the thing I need to write ideas in.

Christmas Hamper. £80. Choccywoccydoodah

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This gorgeous hamper including a delicious cake and plenty of chocolate goodies by chocolate artisans Choccywoccydoodah is something I would quite happily diet off in the New Year!

Boxing Day Beauty. £44.50. Benefit

I used to have a huge stash of gorgeous makeup, these days I’m lucky if I treat myself to the supermarkets own brand gunk and hope it does the trick. This year I’m dreaming of this gift set, a great foundation that instantly covers flaws and leaves your skin looking amazing, a bronzer and a highlighter so I don’t look like the undead after all the sleepless nights and a mascara that will instantly make me look more awake than I no doubt will be.

Touche Eclat. £24.50. Yves Saint Laurent

Lets face it, an industrial strength concealer will be needed to cover up the black bags under my eyes from all those sleepless nights so it may as well be a luxury one!

Home Planner Calendar. £10.99. Organised Mum

Something I ask for every year without fail. I love these calendars and diaries, they have plenty of space to write things down for busy families and I just couldn’t live without mine.

Bootcamp for tummies. £67. Mama Mio

I’ve only heard good things about Mama Mio, who make gorgeous skin care products. They have a great pregnancy range and this set caught my eye while I was browsing their website for a little treat for myself for after the baby arrives. Perfect for new mums like me (well I will be once this baby gets a move on and decides to put in an appearance!) who have to squeeze their pregnancy ravaged body into a bridesmaid dress just 5 months after giving birth!

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I could come up with, I’ll be needing some new clothes once the baby arrives as they’re all either stretched by late pregnancy or too big for me (yep, weird!), some new boots and shoes as I don’t think I even own anything with a heel these days after binning everything following 3 moves to make room for everyone else’s stuff (the waddle doesn’t do so well in heels either!) and a nice perfume wouldn’t go a miss. I would say books and a magazine subscription, but lets face it when am I going to get the chance to read with a newborn to look after, a 9 year old’s busy social calendar to contend with and a man and a house to sort out!?! I’d love a smart phone to keep me entertained during all those late night feeds, but resent paying for an internet package when they are all wifi and practically everywhere I go has wifi these days, so it kind of rules that one out and a few dvd box sets would be nice to watch while attached to the sofa feeding the baby would be quite nice too.

Just watch, I’ll get a box of chocolates from a petrol station if I’m lucky!

Please note: This is not a sponsored post, I’m just being indulgent!


One response to “My Christmas Wishlist

  1. I hope that you will be pleasantly surprised by your Christmas gives :0) All the best to you and yours for the season.

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