40 weeks

Well instead of holding a newborn in my arms I still look like a hippo with a very bad waddle! I was 40 weeks yesterday and this baby is showing no signs of making an appearance.

I’m still riddled with SPD and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which considering the size of my bump is making getting around and lifting things nigh on impossible these days, let alone getting in and out of bed, or even my clothes, which is becoming more and more difficult by the day. The Braxton Hicks have also continued, putting in a nightly appearance, but just when I think they could be building into something more they disappear again.

I’m wondering whether my due date is infact wrong, originally they went with the 10th, which was the one linked to my LMP, the second scan showed the 12th and the 4th scan showed the 16th, but my date was never moved, so it seems this baby could arrive at any time in the next almost 3 weeks and still not be considered overdue! I guess he’ll show up when he’s ready, his big sister was 10 days late after all so he may well decide on sticking around a little longer.

I’ve been trying various things to get him moving, bouncing on my birthball to encourage him into the right position (which he was the last time I saw a midwife a few weeks ago), eating pineapple, drinking pineapple juice, eating hot curry (which set my Braxton Hicks off worse than usual and quickly subsided by the time I got home!), going for walks (when I’m not in so much pain from the SPD I cant even put one foot infront of the other) and various others (which I wont either bore you with or give you a little too much info on, but lets just say no that doesn’t bloody work either!).

Apparently most babies are born within a week either side of their due date so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this little one will get a move on. I’m dreading a Christmas baby, my poor daughter would be gutted if I missed Christmas Day and I’m rather hoping he puts in an appearance before my mum leaves just before Christmas or she will be upset at missing the arrival of her first grandson too! Clearly I’m on a clock here, so if you have any suggestions on how to get this baby out, do feel free to let me know!


One response to “40 weeks

  1. Lol! Oh dear! Good luck getting him out in time 😛

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