Our first two weeks with a newborn

Tiny sleepsuits on the line, that wonderful new baby smell and lots of cuddles, pretty much sums up our first two weeks with our gorgeous baby boy. Not forgetting to throw in a few hours of crying one night, several exploding nappies and his ability to pee on me and on his own face at the same time while I stand there in shock, still not quite knowing what on earth you do when changing a boy’s nappy. It’s been a wonderful two weeks that no amount of baby bodily fluids or crying could possibly take away from.

Having stayed in hospital for 2 nights (birth story to follow) I was desperate to get home. Despite it being my second birth and having had no complications, if I’d wanted to leave earlier I would have had to discharge myself and even though I was desperate to get home to my daughter, who was chomping at the bit to open her Christmas presents, I got the chance to spend a lot of time with our new addition prior to bringing him home, which was lovely and of course my daughter still got to open her presents, just 2 days late and accompanied by her baby brother.

I left hospital still waddling and in pain from the SPD, but luckily both now seem to be things of the past. The evil heartburn I was plagued with throughout much of my pregnancy disappeared the moment he arrived, but I’m still yet to get rid of the carpal tunnel syndrome which seems to get worse every time I so much as use my hand. Any lower back pain has given way to pain in my upper back from lifting the baby. Funny how you kiss goodbye to certain aches and pains almost the instant you give birth, for them to be replaced by other ones immediately after!

The baby himself has slotted right into our family as if he’s always been here. He really is a lovely little thing, of course I would say that, but I’m not one to gush about babies, even if it is my own! He’s reduced his dad to a big ball of mush and his big sister adores him, even if she is a bit jealous of the amount of time I have to spend with him, or the fact that people keep asking about the baby all the time rather than her. He took to breastfeeding in an instant and my supply seems to be holding up, unlike when my daughter was born – I’m sure he had some kind of instruction manual to peruse during his 15 extra days camped out in my uterus! He has a bottle at night to allow his dad or his sister to feed him and although he isn’t keen on the taste of formula he eats anything you put infront of him! He sleeps well in his cot at night anything between 4 and 7 hours at a time so although my partner’s still in shock at being woken up once or twice at night I’ve found I feel fine by the time I get up in the morning. During the day he only tends to sleep for very long periods if we’ve been out anywhere, (it’s hard work being in a car seat or a pushchair don’t you know!) so he is awake quite a bit during the day cooing at us, shouting to be picked up or what appears to be smiling at us. I was convinced it was wind but several people have remarked on the fact that he seems to be smiling now so maybe his dad’s right and he is smiling already!

Before we left hospital I was told he may be deaf because he wasn’t responding to noise as he should be, however once I got him home he started jumping at loud noises and turning his head when we spoke to him so I quickly realised if there was something wrong with his hearing it was probably only a mild hearing problem. Thankfully any doubt regarding his ability to hear was ruled out during a trip back to the hospital last week. He also faced a traumatic trip to the health centre for his heel prick test at 5 days old. I’m sure my daughter’s heel prick test involved a drop of blood, this one involved blood being squeezed from his foot for about 15 minutes to fill 5 spots on card which was then sent off to a lab. He was left with a terrible bruise on his little foot, but of course he’s none the worse for the experience now.

My daughter’s back to school today and my partner’s going back to work, so it will be the first time I’ve been on my own with him all day. I’ve had a trip out in the car and to the supermarket as a practice run with the car seat and pushchair, plus a few hours when my partner’s been out for the night, so I’m hoping it will stand me in good stead. I’m sure no amount of practicing collapsing a pushchair will help when the baby’s starving hungry and I need to leave for the school run though! Wish me luck!


8 responses to “Our first two weeks with a newborn

  1. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly! congratulations again! xxx

  2. I have a tip on the boy changing thing. I cut up a small towel and as soon as I whipped off the nappy I popped a square of towel over his penis.

  3. Yay! I’ve been waiting eagerly to hear all about your new arrival, can’t wait to hear the birth story to compare.

    Pleased everything is going so well and you’re all settling into extended family life. x

  4. I was going to say cover the penis when you whip off the nappy- they can pee in all directions! In fact you can buy wee-wee tee-pees (although the name is so hysterical, I really couldn’t bring myself to, even if I had boys.) Great news that he’s arrived and that your SPD is fading fast: I still shudder at the memories. Did you have him on Christmas Day?

    • A wee wee tee pee! I guess that was invented by someone with the same problem I have then! I’m getting the hang of it now – just, although my daughter delights in him peeing in my direction the little monkey! I did have him Christmas Day – kept me waiting for 15 days and I ended up stuck in hospital for 2 days missing my turkey dinner and opening pressies with my daughter, he’s worth it though bless him!

  5. Wow, you certainly are having a ‘dream’ experience :with your newborn! Sleeps for 4 to 7 hours wow. :0) I’m very happy for you. Really looking forward to reading your birth story! All the best.

    • He actually slept for 9 hours the other day! He clearly likes sleep as much as I do! He’s started being a bit of a fussy little monster during the day this week though, it seems he’s desperate to stay awake and see what everyone else is doing, which of course makes him over tired and a nightmare at bedtimes. He’s still only just over 2 weeks though so I can’t complain bless him – plus he’s too cute to drive me mad just yet!

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