My labour in tweets

Talking to Cass from on email recently, she mentioned how my tweets while I was in labour on Christmas Eve made her laugh because I seemed to be carrying on as normal despite being in pain. She even expected me to make it through Christmas Day after cooking a full turkey dinner at one point before finally giving in and giving birth.

Having looked back at my tweets that day, they are quite amusing. Looks like I started at about 7.30am after frightening my poor man by telling him I’d had a show at 6am, but not to worry because I’d been having Braxton Hicks for days so he may as well just go back to sleep. It seems I pretty much carried on as normal, still expecting to be pregnant for the forseeable future!

My final tweet was around 11pm when I was debating whether or not to go to hospital. I ended up deciding on going to bed at around 1am, despite being in agony and having contractions every two to five minutes, lasting for a minute or longer. I was utterly convinced I wasn’t really in labour having had really strong Braxton Hicks for a few days previously. Of course I did make it to hospital in the end, but you’ll have to wait until I write my birth story to find out what happened next!


5 responses to “My labour in tweets

  1. You gotta love Twitter for giving you the ability to microblog important events of your life such as this! I bet in years to come you will value these notes and they will bring back the memories even more vividly.
    Looking forward to the follow-up!

    • Luckily I don’t have a smart phone or I may well have continued on the way to hospital and while I was there! Mind you the battery would’ve died on me no doubt. It’s strange looking back on it now and seeing how desperate I was to carry on and keep him in there until after Christmas Day when it was pretty clear he wasn’t going to be waiting for me to open presents or have my christmas dinner!

  2. I still smile when I read the one about you bouncing about on a birthing ball – childish I know but I have a vision of you nine months pregnant on a space hopper 😉

    You did fantastic to stay at home for so long x

    • I’m lucky he wasn’t born at home with no midwife etc where I didn’t believe I was in labour, well not sure that’s true I think I knew I was I was just refusing to have him on Xmas Day and desperately trying to make it through present opening with madam – oh well there’ll be two little monkeys to deal with next xmas day and even more presents than usual!

      You do make me laugh, I was hardly bouncing round the room! Ross Kemp was on tele I was bouncing infront of it while drooling! x

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