Reasons to be cheerful

How can I miss a chance to share my ultimate reason to be cheerful this week – my gorgeous baby boy born on Christmas Day. (Pic here if you fancy a peek) He’s continued to be an absolute joy and just one look at his beautiful little face is enough to make me smile. He’s been practically angelic so far and luckily loves his sleep, so despite a few tired days I’ve been feeling much better than expected.

My daughter is rapidly heading towards her birthday next week and she’s so excited about it that it’s contagious. And seeing her with her much wanted little brother, she waited almost a decade for, is enough to make my heart melt, she really is a great big sister.

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6 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Aaaah beautiful! That is a definite reason to be cheerful! I am feeling so broody at the moment which is not good as I have four and I’m not allowed to have any more!

  2. Yes you’ve got a REALLY special R2BC :0) Enjoy every moment. And the age difference is a plus, you have a lil helper!

    • I can’t believe I’ve almost had him for a month already, it’s gone ridiculously fast and I really wish I could make time stand still for a while. My daughter is an angel bless her and she changed her first nappy and gave him her first bottle this week so she’s becoming more and more confident with him too!

  3. Aww he is gorgeous! (just looked at the pic)

    What a wonderful reason to be cheerful

    • Thanks, he is a little cutie bless him. That pic was his first picture after he was born all snuggled up to me, wearing a bizarre hat the midwife fashioned out of a gauze type stuff!

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