3 weeks old

At exactly 3 weeks old yesterday, our gorgeous boy smiled at me for the first time. A big open mouthed, right up to the eyes smile – no wind in sight! Of course it caused me to burst into tears while shrieking for a camera, not that I managed to get a photo as my shrieking and crying kind of put the little fella off.

I can’t quite believe he’s been in our lives for 3 weeks already, time seems to have flown by, yet it seems he’s always been with us at the same time. He’s wonderfully chilled out (most of the time) and seems to get more and more active every day. He loves lying in his bouncy chair cooing at his big sister, watching his cot mobile go round and chatting to one of his toys while I get dressed in the mornings or having his little feet kissed when he’s being changed. He adores water, whether it’s a bath, hair wash or a quick dunk under a running tap when he’s had one of his explosive poos! And his eyes follow his dad everywhere he goes.

Of course he has his moments. He is extremely cuddly and despite how sound asleep he is when I put him down during the day he still seems to wake up within 15 minutes and want feeding or cuddling again, this has resulted in him being extremely over tired and crying pretty much non stop for about 2 hours before he decides to fall asleep each night, when previously he was asleep within half an hour. Once he is asleep at night though he does still sleep for over four or five hours at a time, sometimes a lot more and I’ve had some lovely lie ins this weekend because of it. Yesterday I took to swaddling him when he went to sleep during the day and he had two lovely long sleeps and was even more chilled out than usual, hopefully it will continue!

He continues to feed like a dream, the only time he has issues with feeding is when he’s overtired. In which case he cries whilst feeding and gets frustrated. This was solved by giving him his nightly bottle but now he guzzles his bottle and refuses to go to sleep without going back on the boob again – this kid sure can eat!

We’ve had more trips out this week, one of which was to officially register him which went far better than expected, even if the council building was a nightmare to find. Now that’s done I need to get him a passport. God only knows how you can get a baby to lay still without holding him for a passport photo, with his eyes open and without balling his eyes out, so if you have any tips do let me know!


4 responses to “3 weeks old

  1. Aww how sweet! Bet he has a gorgeous smile.

    No idea about the pass post photo – I think it’s crazy that you can have a photo of a baby on a passport for 5 years. They’re never going to look the same are they!

    • Tell me about it! He changes in every photo I take of him so he’s not likely to look the same by the time they decide to reject the photo I send them and then have to face doing it all over again no doubt! Oh well, suppose it has to be done!

  2. Oh it sounds like you are doing a great job of enjoying every moment!! Congrats to you:)

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