4 weeks old

I really don’t know where on earth 4 weeks have gone! How can my gorgeous little monkey be 4 weeks old already? It really only feels like a week or two since we brought him home from hospital, yet a whole month has passed – clearly time flies when you’re having fun! Maybe it’s because I’ve been blessed with an angelic baby, rather than a screaming red faced bundle, that it feels like the time has flown by (wait for him to turn into a devil baby now I’ve said that!).

This past week has seen his nan finally get to meet him. She originally came to see him a few days after his due date and left when he should have been 10 days old, little did we know the boy would decide not to arrive until a ridiculously long 15 days after his due date and right when I should have been opening Christmas presents with his big sister! Of course she fell in love with him straight away, especially as when she picked him up he immediately gave her a huge beaming smile – causing her to burst into tears!

He’s changing on a daily basis, not only in looks but in ability. He’s continuing to beam at anyone who takes the time to talk to him and started cooing and talking to everyone who’ll listen at the beginning of the week. He gets so excited when he sees his dad and his sister, shouting and kicking his legs about, which is adorable.

His sleeping habits are pretty much unchanged, a minimum of 7 hours straight  a night, which as you can imagine is pure heaven when you have a newborn. He does still have a good old cry any time between 10pm and midnight before he settles down for the night though and despite trying colic drops (which he doesn’t seem to need, but you’ve gotta try I guess), feeding him breast milk and formula milk (he seemed to demand one then the other at one point), cuddling him, putting him down etc, the only thing that can get him settled is his dad wandering around with him. He is desperate not to miss a trick in the evenings and tends to have about an hours sleep prior to his screaming fit so I think he’s probably over tired. I have managed to get him down during this sleep before and again he would sleep for hours at a time before waking up at maybe 5am before settling back down for another four or more hours, which again is brilliant for a newborn, but he seems to just refuse  to go down before about 11pm at the moment. Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s great as when he does go down he sleeps like a dream and lets me get loads of sleep, I just think he should be in bed earlier I guess, but maybe he just doesn’t need as much sleep as I think he does!

He’s still an expert breast feeder and I love snuggling up with him for a feed while he holds my finger and stairs into my eyes and there’s definitely no worries over my milk production, it’s still going strong! His dad and his sister have been joining in more with the bottle feed at night too, which they love doing as it gives them a chance to spend time with him and of course it gives my boobs and me a rest, so what could be better! I’m not sure if I’m going to start expressing (I never bought a pump incase I couldn’t breastfeed like last time) and he seems perfectly happy with the odd bit of formula milk (even if he does pull a face at the taste sometimes – I mean who wouldn’t, anyone who’s tasted the stuff would tell you how revolting it tastes!) from his dad and his sister so why change it when it’s working for us I guess!?!


2 responses to “4 weeks old

  1. He seems to be a dream baby, I guess it is down to you being relaxed with him. Time flies when you are having fun

  2. Sleep? You get sleep? Can your boy have a word with my little girl…. x

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