5 weeks old

Just over 5 weeks with a newborn and I’m still standing! This past week has seen us say goodbye to my mum who stayed with us for a week and finally managed to see her grandson after he decided to avoid putting in an appearance before or during her previous stay back in December. It was wonderful to see her, but as with any family member living in such close quarters can get a little much after a while and as terrible as it sounds I was glad to get my days alone with my gorgeous boy back – not to mention his big sister who turns into a spoilt brat when her nan’s around! (Saying that I’d probably be the same if I didn’t see my nan for months at a time and I was only 10!)

The little one is changing at a rate of knots, every day it seems he can “talk” a little bit more and is rapidly replacing crying with shouts or chatter and coos to communicate. I find that copying the noises he makes spurs him on and we often manage a half hour long “conversation” now. He loves having his feet massaged, looks like he’s almost about to laugh when I do “this little piggy” on his toes and smiles huge beaming smiles when I blow raspberries on his belly.

He loves it when his big sister comes home from school and goes straight over to him kissing him and tickling him with her hair as she does. She’s always guaranteed to get a huge smile and a “conversation” with him. Needless to say I have serious competition these days and am often last in the queue when she dishes out kisses or cuddles! She’s still a little jealous of the time we spend with him, but it is getting easier to spend time with her and even just having her read to me or helping her with her homework while the baby is having his milk or sleeping is helping her feel a little less sidelined. She joins in happily (unless there’s poo involved) with nappy changes and loves getting involved at bathtime and chooses what he’ll wear that day which also helps her feel more involved, oh and she is the ultimate “baby cryer stopper” as she puts it! Whether it’s bouncing him in his chair or singing his favourite nursery rhyme (he does indeed have a favourite already!) she is guaranteed to stop him crying – I may have to hire her out!

As for sleeping, he’s continued to sleep for around 8 hours a night, but always after 11 or 12pm. I can’t complain of course because I get 8 wonderful uninterrupted hours of sleep, yet no matter what I try he just won’t go down any earlier. He has however stopped his screaming sessions of an evening between about 10pm and whatever time he decides is bedtime, which I put down to a nightly bath and “massage” (more a rubbing in of baby lotion than a massage but he loves it) which seems to chill him out for the evening. He’s also started settling for me again now at night rather than just his dad (which of course is useful when you have a partner that works shifts) and instead of  being rocked to sleep, he just falls asleep in my arms or his chair.

It’s now 8.40am and he’s still fast asleep in his cot  and I can’t wait for him to wake up so we can snuggle up together for a cuddle and a feed, not to mention see what new tricks he’s going to get up to today.


3 responses to “5 weeks old

  1. WOw you are blessed. And long may you enjoy this new phase in your life :0)

  2. Does he feed on a schedule or on demand? I am curious because my mom had me sleeping like that on a schedule but the first I know who feed on demand never sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. Love the blog!

    • He feeds on demand, not quite sure how i’ve managed to have such a good baby when it comes to sleeping but i guess he likes his sleep as much as we do! He’s never asleep before around 11pm though, just seems to cat nap between about 6pm and 11pm, that is if he has any sleep at all before then, but of course I can’t complain!

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