7 weeks old

The boy has continued to feel under the weather this week with a bad cold and has developed a cough too which sounds terrible coming from someone so small.   He is of course still smiling though and despite one evening when it took 6 hours to get him back to sleep after our noisy neighbours scared him and he refused to be put down again he has continued to be my happy little boy.

I read that he should start smiling this week – well he’s already been smiling for four weeks and there is nothing better than his beautiful, happy little smile or his cheeky laugh. He makes me laugh when he grins when he sees my boob when he’s about to be fed – typical man I guess! He’s also becoming more coordinated, grabbing my top when he’s feeding, reaching out towards his toys etc although he still flaps his arms around as if he’s trying to take off at times. He can support his own head for quite a while now, with only the odd occasion where it flops and holds it up when he’s on his tummy.

His bizarre sleeping pattern still hasn’t changed but once we move in a few weeks (oh yes we’re moving again, but just into a bigger place this time) I’m going to attempt to get him to bed earlier. I need to be able to spend time with my daughter that doesn’t involve having a baby clamped to my boob or in his chair shouting for my attention or even just to be able to go to bed myself before midnight would be nice once in a while. Will it work and will I still get my lovely 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Who knows but I can only try!


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