Now that you are 10

To my beautiful daughter

You turned 10 a few weeks ago, something that still doesn’t quite seem possible despite having watched you grow and change from a tiny baby into the beautiful girl you are today. Kind, sensitive, caring and so clever you’re an absolute joy to have as a daughter and I’m so proud to be your mum. Sometimes I wish I could stop or turn back time to stop you from turning into a moody teenager who doesn’t want her mum anymore, despite your reassurances it will never happen,  it will – one day.

You were my “surprise” baby, not planned, but so wanted and the day you were born I realised what true love really was. For years it was just you and me  and I love that I got you to myself for so long, being the only one who could comfort you and the one who got all of your cuddles and I still love our girly days when it’s just you and me, even if they are few and far between these days.

As a baby you were so happy, always smiling and so quick to learn. You loved other children but got so upset when they didn’t share with you, but then you always have been a sensitive soul. As a toddler you loved exploring and learning new things, even at nursery you had your head round the door of the “big” classes door telling them the answers to simple sums or questions and at school you’ve thrived despite having been to three schools already. My little animal activist, there isn’t a species of animal you don’t know something about and would do anything to stop people being cruel to animals, even recently starting up a collection for local stray cats and donating all your pocket money to an animal shelter.

I know you’re getting older and I’m getting more embarrassing by the second it seems, but to me you’ll always be my baby and I’ll go on loving you forever.

Love always beautiful

Mummy x



6 responses to “Now that you are 10

  1. Beautifully written. Your daughter sounds delightful. It’s so wonderful to see their personalities grow and develop as they get older, isn’t it? Hope the moody teenager phase is a while off yet x

  2. That is so lovely and your daughter will always cherish those words if not at this moment in time but later on when she has grown up and has a family of her own. Its so important to let your children know that they are loved even if it does embarrass them on occasions.

  3. She sounds like a pleasure. A real shining soul

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