Beaba Nursery Basket

When I was contacted by VUP Baby (which stands for Very Useful Products) asking if I would like to review the Beaba Nursery Basket I’d just spent yet another evening lugging baby paraphernalia from the changing unit in my room to the kitchen bit by bit in one hand while holding an increasingly ratty baby with the other hand. I don’t know about you, but I always bathed my daughter in the kitchen when she was tiny, as it is a small room with extra heat generated from cooking the dinner, and when I had my son I just started doing it again to try and make him as cosy as possible at bath time as this house tends to get rather cold quite quickly in the evenings. Of course it’s all very well and good keeping him nice and warm when he’s having his bath but it was taking me what felt like a lifetime to gather everything we needed for bath time together and to take it from room to room and back again. This is where the Beaba Nursery Basket has come in handy.

It has lots of compartments perfect to keep everything you need at bath time to hand. All I do now is carry the basket, containing everything from baby shampoo and bubble bath to his flannel, in one hand and a wriggling baby in the other rather than making numerous trips to get each individual item I need. I keep it on the changing table with nappies and wipes in one section, nappy bags in another, bath time essentials in another and of course a muslin square popped in another section (just because you never can have enough of them around the house!), his nail scissors are safely stored in the pocket on the side and there’s still plenty of room for other little baby essentials to find a home. It’s kept stocked up by my daughter who delights in filling all of it’s little compartments with her brothers tiny nappies etc and it’s great to have everything in one place rather than underneath the changing table or in another room.

I love the colour of the basket, almost a greeny blue colour rather than a sky blue and it looks great with the grey trims. The basket holds it’s shape well and is sturdy so there’s no worry about it falling over or things falling out of it as you carry it from room to room. I think it would make a great addition to any nursery, it will certainly get a lot of use in this one!

Readers of Mum Reinvented are offered the chance to get 15% off any orders they place with VUP Baby between now and the end of February. Just enter the code SINGLE15 at the checkout.

Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned product to review. Please click on the disclosure tab to view my disclosure policy should you require further information.


3 responses to “Beaba Nursery Basket

  1. Ooh that looks fab, I could do with something like that myself.

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